Review: MAC Cinderella Iridescent Powder and Tinted Lipglass in Glass Slipper

And I’m back from Korea! Didja miss me hurhurhur? I was there for Laneige’s Global Beauty Camp, and it was a blue, blue sea of Kbeauty waterfull goodness 😀 I’ll defo be blogging about it soon, so check back daily yes yes? Inspired by that, here’s something blue blue as well – the newly launched MAC Cinderella collection. There’s quite a number of products in this collection, but I’ll be reviewing these two I got.


MAC Cinderella all products2

MAC Cinderella all products


MAC Cinderella Iridescent powderMAC Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder

MAC Cinderella Iridescent powder 2

MAC Cinderella Iridescent powder 3A beautiful natural barely-there rose tint with gold iridescent shimmers


MAC Cinderella Iridescent powder 4A sheer sheen that can barely be seen (hey, that rhymes hurhurhur)


MAC Cinderella Iridescent powder 5

MAC Cinderella Iridescent powder 7

I say…

The Packaging: It’s a pale pastel blue click-shut compact case with a pearleque sheen. It’s very Cinderella-ish, but it’s a slight deviation away from MAC’s usual edgy feel.  It doesn’t come with any applicator puff / brush, but has an inbuilt mirror.

The Application: The grains are super fine and falloff is minimal even though I tend to be heavy-handed in application. It may look pinkish in the pan, but it actually has a very natural almost-gold/somewhat-champagne-tinged sheen. It’s not the super obvious bling-in-your-face types of highlighter – it’s more for subtle highlighting of areas that you want to emphasise, such as your cheekbones / on top of your blusher.

The Verdict: This makes for a very subtle natural highlighter for the face/cheeks/forehead/chin, cos it doesn’t give that impression of too much oil.  Personally, I wouldn’t use it for the nose bridge only because I prefer a brighter/more shimmery highlighter (my nose bridge needs all the fake elevation it can get), but if you’re new to the highlighting world, this would be a good product to start with.


MAC Cinderella tinted Lipglass glass slipperMAC Cinderella Tinted Lipglass – Glass Slipper

MAC Cinderella tinted Lipglass glass slipper 9

MAC Cinderella tinted Lipglass glass slipper 10

MAC Cinderella tinted Lipglass glass slipper 11

MAC Cinderella tinted Lipglass glass slipper 12

MAC Cinderella tinted Lipglass glass slipper13

I say…

The Packaging: The usual plastic tube with a twist-out cap and attached sponge applicator. However, this time it’s a pastel blue colour (in line with the Cinderella theme).

The Application: Like the Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Tinted Lipglass, the sponge applicator is rather soft and non-abrasive. The texture is slightly heavy and an eensy weensy bitty sticky.

The Colour: It’s almost colourless – a very very faint light pink, but with blue-tinged sparkles (in line with Cinderella’s glass slippers as well as her gown I’m guessing). It provides a very high glass level, but pretty much a clear lipgloss. Since my lips provide a pretty ugly base for it, I decided to apply some lipstick to show the effect – when applied over Ever Hip (from MAC), it adds a very faint blue tinge to the lipstick, softening the overall look and ups the level of gloss.

The Verdict: I’m not one for lipglosses these days, simple because of the colour levels  (which is almost close to none). It does help to cover the chapped lips, but since I’m a total colour ‘ho these days, I’ll prolly give this a pass (even on top of lipstick, cos it makes my lips feel heavier than they should). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a super glossy product or something with sparkles and shimmers (especially if you’ve got a sallow skintone), this could be the one for you, since its blue shimmers can help neutralise the colour disparity.





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