Prismacolour Ebony Pencil

At long last, the secret of Korean eyebrows has been revealed! Thanks to my lovely Korean girlfriends, I now can have the same eyebrows as Kpop stars! The solution is really simple really – all you need is this!

Well, theoretically my friends recommended the Sanford Ebony Pencil, but I’ve tested the both of them, and they’re similar. (plus I ordered the wrong one off Gmarket so yes, I’m validating my mistakes heh)

It’s surprising, isn’t it? That a simple drawing and sketching pencil is what will give you natural eyebrows.

A gentle shadow of a grey

Before drawing – I try to maintain my brows in their natural state so that minimal painting work is required

After drawing – hello Kpop academy! muahahaha.

Perhaps after 1-3 rounds of plastic surgery, I might even be able to look like Uee from After School. muaahahah.

I say…

Get it! Yes it is technically not a makeup item- it’s more of a sketching tool. This graphite pencil can be found at stationery shops or Gmarket. But hey, the Koreans have been using for such a long time and they haven’t suffered any bad skin reactions from it.

  • It gives a natural look.
  • It glides on smoothly.
  • It doesn’t smudge or rub off during the day, and yet is easily removed.
  • It is cheap (about SGD1-2 per pencil) and lasts a damnnnn long time.
  • Besides using it to fill in your brows, you can also use it to sketch scenery hurhurhur.

P.S. The secret to Korean brows is making them thick, long, and straight. Avoid those harsh arches and make them really full. Now you know 😀


4 thoughts on “Prismacolour Ebony Pencil

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  3. hi! Im so glad to have found this entry. Ive been looking for a particular pencil which we used in makeup school and that is the prismacolor sanford eyebrow pencil. and turns out it’s just a drawing pencil. the reason why i cannot find any exact match! where and how much did you get this? thanks! Im from the philippines btw! 🙂

    • Hey Armie, I actually bought it online from Gmarket, but my Korean friends say you can get it from any art shop that sells pencils. It’s really cheap, I think about SGD1-3 each. There are two types that my friends use – Prismacolour Ebony Pencil or the Sanford Ebony pencil.

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