Review: Etude House Dr Lash Ampule Long & Volume

As much as I love Korean culture, I just wish they didn’t have to go plastic for everything.  I’ve got big-small eyes as a result of falling and hitting my eyes on the corner of the table when young.

I’ve been sorely tempted to go for corrective plastic surgery in Korea even since I found out that it’s so damn cheap – about SGD300-500 only!  – but I’ve decided to resist. I pride myself on being all natural 😀
That’s why even though I’ve got an outstanding package with Browhaus for eyelash extensions, I prefer to hunt for more natural solutions, such as lash growth serums.  I first started with the DHC eyelash serum, and it really worked. Unfortunately the brush was so bristly and tough that I ended up poking out more lashes than growing them.

During one of the many times I was in Korea, I was wandering the streets of Myeong Dong when I saw this.

Being a super gullible consumer who is easily deceived by Photoshopped advertisements,  of course, I bought a set.

Etude House Dr Lash Ampule Long & Volume

Left: Ampule for night usage before you go to bed. Right: Lash primer to prep and protect your lashes before you apply mascara

The Ampule applicator has a soft Qtip-like tip so that you can dab the roots of your lashes without poking your eyes out.

The Lash primer has a normal mascara-like applicator, but it is significantly softer and less pokey than DHC.

An added service for customers – there’s a lash-measuring ruler so that you can check the growth rate of your lashes.

I say…

This is quite a good product! To be honest, I didn’t measure my lashes before and after application – I tried, but with my eyes closed, I had to enlist my bro’s help to measure accurately. He was being a typical brother by trying to poke my eyes out with the lash-measuring ruler instead.

However, I do have affirmative proof that my lashes did grow longer.

  • My usual eyelash extension therapist actually thought I was wearing mascara (when I wasn’t).
  • She usually uses the 9/10 length falsies, but she had to change to the 11/12  ones cos my lashes had grown longer and outgrown the previously-used ones!

Why should you get it?

  • It’s scentless.
  • There’s no sticky residue.
  • If it accidentally gets into your eyes, it doesn’t smart that badly. (I have a bad habit of flooding my lashes with plenty of ampule in hope of them sprouting overnight like Jack’s Beanstalk).
  • It makes your lashes grow.
  • The applicator tips for both the ampule and primer are soft and don’t poke your eyes or eyelids.
  • The primer makes your lashes stronger and allows mascara to be applied more smoothly.
  • The primer also protects your lashes during the day. I secretly (well, not so secret now) apply them onto my brows too.

6 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Dr Lash Ampule Long & Volume

    • Hey Mandy, so sorry I can’t quite remember how much it costs. Perhaps SGD30 as a rough gauge – i vaguely remember them selling it separately and it was about SGD12-15 each. By the way I’m selling one set of this if you’re interested – check out my For Sale page. I’ve got too many eyelash ampoules, so gotta clear out some space 😀

  1. Hi Dalja,

    I’ve been trying this product as well however my lashes seemed to grow a bit. Just a little bit. >.< Any tips on how to apply it so that my lashes will grow to the max? Thanks.

    • Hi Yiyi,
      Hmm I usually douse the roots with the lash serum and hope for the best (and hope that it doesn’t seep into my eyes and sting me). 😀 If it doesn’t work out for you, perhaps you can try another brand?

      • Hi Dalja,

        Okay. I’ll try dousing the roots. Mine usually sting my eyes! T.T Any recommendations?

      • Erm.. really can’t help you with that, cos my eyes will sting too. haha. Alternatively, try another brand – I heard Talika is not bad. DHC is really good too – I remember testing it on one side of my bro’s eyes (for a week), and saw a visible growth in the length of the lashes. He was so horrified that he insisted I do the other side of his eyes. 😀

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