Review: Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel

Last week as I was watching Big in HD format, I realised that the super beautiful Lee Min Jung 이민정actually had blackheads on her nose. Good lord, she is human after all. Muahaha.  I guess that made me feel slightly better about my nose, but it doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate these illegal immigrants squatting on my nose. Begone blackheads!

I’d always been using the Kao Biore Blackhead Removal strips, but as anyone with half an ounce of beauty sense should know, it is really harsh on the skin.  During my last trip to Korea, I bought a truckload of Laneige products, especially those that had the “New” tag on it, and this was one of my purchases.

The silicon applicator tip makes for gentle and yet efficient massaging.

The clear gel heats up after being applied and massaged into your skin.

Before applying the Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel – I have my very own population of blackheads.

After applying – visibly smaller pores and less blackheads!

Another comparison photo for the not-yet-convinced

Before application

About 2-3 weeks after using the Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel 1x weekly

I say…

Obviously this works!  Simply apply it onto your nose, massage with the silicon applicator for about 20-30 seconds (and there will be a gentle warming sensation), leave it on for another 20-30 seconds and then wash it off.

  • It’s easy and convenient to apply – there’s no need to use your hands, add water, and it doesn’t drip all over the place too.
  • It shrinks the pores (pictures don’t lie!)
  • It removes the blackheads.

Don’t leave it on for too long though – you’ll end up with dry / burnt skin. Otherwise, it’s pretty much an idiot-proof item. It’s supposed to work better with the Laneige Blackhead Pore Strip (similar to the Biore ones), but they don’t seem to remove as many blackheads as the Biore ones.


10 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel

    • Nope I didn’t use it together with the strip. To be honest I think the strip doesn’t do much for me – the Kao biore strips are much better, but to a certain extent, more harsh. 🙂

  1. It really really works? Do you have sensitive skin? I think I have sensitive skin, but I’m planning on ordering it off YESSTYLE for $38 so I want to know before I buy it. 🙂

    • Hey Mary, for me, it works (as you can see from the pictures). My skin isn’t sensitive though – I can take most products except some Laneige ones ie Water Bank Essence and Sleeping Pack. I guess it’s less harsh than the Kao Biore Pore Pack, but each person’s skin differs so I can’t really say for yours :/

  2. Is it possible to use this on my cheeks and forehead as well? My pores have this really huge tendency to clog and I’m still on a hunt for a good pore-declogger (for cheeks & forehead). Or perhaps you can suggest something better? 😉 Thanks!

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