Review: Make Up For Ever UV Bright Cushion

And yassss it’s the weekend – this is really, really long awaited. I’ve been having a really long month – back-to-back travels for work followed by events and projects, in addition to my daily job and having to upkeep a social life. I’m pooped. I’m a poop. I’m a dry poop. Nah cancel that. Hah. Speaking of dry, here’s a cushion that’s been doing a good job of masking the dehydrated and tired skin.

Make Up For Ever UV Bright Cushion

  • Box set (1 case + refill inside, 1 refill (packed separately)): SGD$64
  • Refill (1 piece): SGD$32

Official marketing spiel: This 3-in-1 foundation provides a bright luminous finish, intense hydration thanks to the “Moisture Duo Complex” and SPF 35 protection.The cushion design combines the coverage benefits of a lightweight, liquid foundation with the convenience and ease of a portable compact. Its fresh, lightw. Yeseight formula feels cool and weightless on the skin while building coverage for a flawless finish. Skin looks dewy and feels fresh and hydrated.

I use Y225

I say…

The Packaging: A standard compact with the usual inbuilt mirror, tray that holds the sponge puff and also functions as an airlock.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture/Finish: Glides on easily, blends into the skin perfectly – yes it does live up to its claims of having inbuilt filters. It covers the pores, and creates that radiant bright complexion. It covers most major blemishes and medium-severity dark eye circles. I’d say it’s a 50-50 matte-dewy finish – there’s glow at strategic spots such as the cheekbones and nose bridge, and isn’t a full-on matte finish (in the sense that if a strand of flyaway hair were to land on your face, it’ll be “stuck” there).

The Verdict: Now I’m pretty darn impressed with this – it really does perform up to the marketing spiel. Yes it’s lightweight, it gives very good coverage, and it creates radiant, smooth complexion. I also give the nod of approval to it not oxidising nor getting patchy.  There is one slight downside though – this is a hydrating cushion, which means it doesn’t stay long on my combi-oily skintype. I give it about 4 hours before it starts disappearing from my face. Plus, there’s not much oil control – at the 3-4 hour mark, the oil film was a full-house situation from edge to edge. Overall, I’d say this is rather impressive – seldom do I come across a hydrating-type of cushion that provides good coverage, plus, the staying time is longer than other similarly “wet” types of cushions, and it disappears instead of becoming patchy. Go get yours from Sephora todayyyy.


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