Review: W Lab Blossom White Cushion

Sorry for the slight dip in reviews coming out guys – it’s because I’ve been crazy busy with work, and also because of another project of mine that’s underway. That’s right, I’m revamping my beauty storage! Hohoho. I’ve finally placed my orders, and am now twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of their arrival. Hint: my colour theme is white! So I guess, it’s sort of apt that today’s review be on.. this new cushion.

W Lab Blossom White Cushion – SGD$45.90 from Zalora

Got this image off the internet, but I’m currently using shade 13 in Blossom White, so there are three shades in total

Oops. Guess I shoudn’t have stored it on its side.


I say…

The Packaging: The usual compact + mirror + tray combination. Now I note that the cushion portion is not thoroughly soaked with the foundation/product; instead, it’s similar to Bobbi Brown’s cushion compact where you open up a new piece to see a pure white (well, almost) cushion, and when you push down with the puff, the product oozes upwards and spreads througout. Note that this does not come with an extra refill – it’s just a case, with the refill inside the case (which I deem to be slightly pricey, if you take into account the fact that fellow and more established Kbeauty brands such as Laneige sell their cushions for SGD$59, which is for 1 case and 2 refills).

The Scent: A very mild powdery scent.

The Texture: It’s lightweight and glides/blends easily – it’s not sticky nor greasy. Instead, the finish is a mostly dewy one – shine, baby, shine (perhaps 80% dewy, 20% matte). The coverage is really light (you can see from the close-up swatches of my face that the blemishes and uneven skintone are still visible). It also doesn’t quite cover dark eye circles.

The Verdict: The coverage is quite minimal, and I’m not sure if it’s the shade number I have, or if the product is meant to be (cos of the “white” in the name), but I do find that this casts a slight greyish white pallour on my skin. There’s also not much oil control (blotting sheet is soaked after just 2-3 hours).  Over time, it also gradually fades off into almost nothing, which means after about 4-5 hours, I look like I’ve got some patchy remnants of makeup on my face. Generally, I would say that this serves more as a primer/base product/sun protection product, rather than as a foundation, and would be better for those with drier skintypes.

Now, seeing as I have combi-oily skin and that it doesn’t quite suit me, I’m just taking a random shot and asking – would anyone like to have this cushion? I used it gently about 3-5 times for the purposes of this review only. If you’re up for it, email me at  or leave a comment after this review. I’ll get it shipped to you 🙂 






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