Review/Swatches: Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip – 15 shades

Besides the cumbersome logistics I have to encounter whenever I head to the ladies, winter has this way of cramping my makeup style. When it’s so cold that your ears, nose and cheeks are freezing, and the only way to keep them warm is to turn into a penguin by bundling up with a parka, hoodie, scarf and a face mask, who can really tell what sort of eyeliner you’ve got on, right right? But hey, I eventually have to emerge from the 100 layers of cloth for a meal, and that’s when people can really tell this penguin’s true (lip) colours hurhurhur. Here’s one item I was using during my recent trip to Korea 😀

bobbi-brown-art-stick-liquid-lip-1Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip – SGD$39 each


bobbi-brown-art-stick-liquid-lip-4Surprise, surprise – it’s a squeezy tube!

bobbi-brown-art-stick-liquid-lip-6aA very pigmented lip product – just a few dabs is enough to get you this ombre look that isn’t too washed out.

bobbi-brown-art-stick-liquid-lip-8A single full coat gives you this intense and gorgeous semi-matte, semi-glossy finish


bobbi-brown-art-stick-liquid-lip-9For the enlarged version, click here.

Note: There are 16 shades in total but during the swatching session, only 15 had arrived.


I say…

The Packaging: An 11cm-long tube (cap included) that resembles a crayon with a tapered tip and a squeezy tube body. It’s slightly “chubby” and therefore gives a good grip. Be sure to close the cap properly after use though (make sure you press the cap on until you hear the “click” sound).

The Scent: None.

The Texture: A thick and creamy consistency that glides smoothly over the lips.

The Finish: The pigmentation is crazy high – just a dab or two is enough to give you a strong lip colour, whether it’s the nudes or the reds you’re using. This has a soft matte finish – it’s semi-matte and semi-glossy, so it’s actually suitable for those with drier lips. That said, do try to exfoliate to remove skin flakes before usage, or apply some vaseline/lip balm if you are own of said lips (myself included). This also fills in the fine lines of the lips.

The Verdict: I’m pretty damn impressed with this – I put it through the ultimate food test by voraciously wolfing down Haidilao (a chinese hot pot place). After my meal, my lips were still surprisingly a bright cherry pink. Granted, the intensity of the colour was nowhere as strong as the full-colour lips, but they did resemble the ombre effect (as shown above). The colour pigmentation is so strong – it’s really worth your moneh, I tell ya. Just a couple of dabs and you’re all set. The squeezy tube does make for easy dispensing, but I’m still wondering what will happen when you’re down to your last few ml (this is 5ml) – will we have a toothpaste tube situation? Hmmm. Ah well, we’ll see what happens then. In the meantime, this is definitely a Spring Summer 2017 release that I’m very excited about – you get bang for your buck, the finish is semi-matte so it’s suitable for most lips, and there’s a huge range of colours covering the nudes, pinks, corals, and berries. Note: There are 16 shades in total but during the swatching session, only 15 had arrived.




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