Review: Holika Holika x Gudetama Ver 2 Face 2 Change Photo Ready Tone Up Cushion

The weather these days in Singapore has been surprisingly cloudy and even torrentially rainy, which makes it all that more conducive to turn into a human sushi roll in bed. As much as I appreciate the extra minutes (ok, fine, it could be an hour) of snooze time, it means that I get less time on my skincare/makeup routine. Thus, I haz a newfound appreciation for cushion products – which now even include sunscreen!

holika-holika-gudetama-ver-2-face-2-change-photo-ready-egg-white-cushion-1Holika Holika x Gudetama Ver 2 Face 2 Change Photo Ready Tone Up Cushion / Egg White Cushion













I say…

The Packaging: A cute Gudetama-themed cushion (this is ver. 2 aka their second collaboration with Holika Holika). It has all the usual portions you’d expect to find in a cushion-type product – inbuilt mirror, removable refill, sponge puff holder that also functions as an air lock. Like its predecessor, when you press on the latch, it pops up the airlock tray as well (Lazy and easy is its slogan). It’s worth noting that this is slightly slimmer than the earlier-generation cushions – it seems to be the trend these days, with Etude House’s new Any Cushion colour correctors also going the same slim route.

The Scent: A mild powdery scent.

The Finish: It is a semi matte, semi-dewy finish. True to its name, it does indeed “tone up” your skin, in the sense that after application, you’ll look like you’ve got a different tone to your skin, a slightly white chalkish finish. This serves more as a makeup base rather than to be worn on its own (which might make you look paler than normal).

The Verdict: I like this for its multi purposes – convenient sun protection, skin makeup base as well as for evening out the skin tone.  It does help, to a certain extent, your foundation/bb product to sit and adhere better (there’s no streaking) as well.  It smells good, and because it’s in a cushion format, it sort of adds a “fun” factor when you’re using it (vs from a normal bottle and applying it over your face with your fingers). Just be sure to apply evenly to cover your entire face – granted, applying with a puff can result in you missing out certain portions or an uneven application. Overall, a collaboration product that doesn’t disappoint, and is actually practical with its SPF50 PA+++.



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