Review / Treatment: Body Inc Ion Osmosis Detox

Sometime last year, I went on a juice cleanse in an attempt to detox the body. I can’t make an affirmation on whether there was any actual weight loss (since I ended up suffering a bout of gastroenteritis following it), but I know for a fact that it did help me become more conscious in my food selections and lifestyle choices. (there’s no way you can emerge from 5 days of drinking on fruit, veggies and nuts without acquiring a taste for them). This time round, courtesy of GetKlarity/ Body Inc, I underwent an Ion Osmosis Detox treatment that’s also for the greater good for my (hawt hawt) bodeh. Hurhurhur.

Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot DetoxBody Inc is set up by Jaclyn Tay (yes, her of Star Search fame) and is a holistic one-stop center for integrated healthcare, weight management and wellness indulgence. Essentially, to me it comes across as a healthier, less invasive and all-encompassing bodycare place, especially when you take into account the fact that they utilise a lot of herbs and plants – natural ingredients.

They have certified practitioners in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, and even Bach Flower Remedies.


Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (1)The store’s interior isn’t overly ostentatious – it’s rather welcoming, and has both staff and the plethora of products greeting you the moment you enter.


Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (2)That’s Jacelyn and her hubby there, deep in discussion -slight fan girl mode on, since she’s so gorgeous-


Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (3)Here are the product offerings of Body Inc – body/health supplements, herbal teas that help you to relax / perk up (basically all sorts to help attend to varying body conditions), the famed Happy Lash that can remove makeup and serve as a conditioning growth serum for the lashes (review to come soon!), and a lot more.


Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (4)In the little glass enclosure is what I adore – a modernised version of the old school traditional Chinese dispensary where the herbs and medicines are stored.


Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (5)And no, I did not go mouse-click-happy and overly filter this. It was just such a cold day that my lens fogged up and voila – I haz this selfie with Jacelyn Tay 😀

But you know what? Enough of the banter – it was time to actually try out the Ion Osmosis Treatment.

Taken from their website: “Ion Osmosis utilizes electrolytic effects between the electrodes and water to produce large amounts of negative and positive ions. It is based on ionization of water and osmosis of these energy ions to draw toxins out from the body through the 20,000 pores on the soles of our feet under the effects of the electric field.

We accumulate toxins through the air we breathe, via skin exposed to toxic environment, food that we eat and water that we drink. Toxins are accumulated in cells within various parts of our human body and cell membrane controls the exchange of matters within and outside cells. Ion Osmosis (R) ionizes the water and splits water (H2O) into H+ and OH- ions (and sometimes H3O+ and H2O2 ions). These ions are able to travel through our body and neutralize oppositely charged particles and cause a rebalancing effect on the potential difference of cell membranes. This recuperates the permeability of cell membranes and through powerful osmotic pressure, pulls those neutralized toxins out of the body through the 20,000 pores (70acupoints) on the soles of the feet, towards the feet and out into the ionized water by the process of osmosis.

Watch waste products such as excessive fats and toxins flow out from the pores of your feet through osmosis process while balancing +ve & -ve ions in your body system. An excellent tool for eliminating water retention problems, improving skin conditions, insomnia and migraines.”


Simply put: It’s a fuss-free, super easy and super relaxing method of detoxing your body. Simply soak your feet into a tub of warm water, and let the ions do the trick. How can I say no to this?


Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (6)A row of basins sit in front of a row of cushy plush armchair sofas – the layout is pretty similar to that of a mani/pedi place. Of course, your feet will be soaked in a bath salt water before the treatment begins.

Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (10)A little blankie to keep me warm as well, and I’m ready to go!

At this point, the therapist will attach some two electrodes onto your shoulders, and put a little black ion generation box into the water. When I saw this, my overactive imagination was going “ohgawddontletmegetelectrocuted” but in reality, there was really not much sensation, save for a very faint buzzing.

The electrodes have varying intensities, and at some point can even cause you to twitch as though there’s actually someone there massaging and pounding on your shoulders. I’m attributing this to the fact that the  muscles are also being stimulated. I opted for a very weak Level 2, cos I’m usually one who opts for soft massages anyway.

My very non-scientific and totally baseless assumptions are that the shoulder electrodes will send pulses into your body, and combined with the ions being sent out into the water, will “push” the negative toxins out of the body, down to the feet, and expelled through the pores.


– Warning: Somewhat gross/icky images after this line –



Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (7)This was the chart I was shown as a gauge – I was both repelled and intrigued by this. Everything just looks so icky, and I was totally like “I could have this crap in my system?!”
Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (8)
 Mentally, I was willing my body to not expel anything black or dark green (so that the therapist wouldn’t judge me) hah. But she explained to me that it would usually be the smokers who would have black excrement, while the drinkers would have green. I gave silent thanks to my wallet and bank account which never saw the sense in spending $12 for a pack of ciggies, and also thanked my ageing body which caused me to give up drinking years ago.Are you curious to find out what I expelled? Or rather – are you mentally prepared for my version of “The Purge”? 😀
Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (11)

Ta-dah! I was all brown (with hints of “cheese” which revealed the fact that I’d just munched down a bakery bun just an hour earlier – “cheese” points to yeast). Brown would be the most common excrement (due to free radicals).

 Body Inc Ion Osmosis Foot Detox (9)

The Aftermath: Surprisingly, I actually found that the strap of my shoes were looser (aka I debloated, yay!), as this helps with those who have water retention issues. During that very night (and the few nights that followed after), I also got much better and more sound sleep – this was such a welcome change, considering the fact that I’m a very light sleeper.

Would I try it again? Duh, yes. For a time-strapped bum like me who’s relegated to surviving only on eating out,  the fuss-free, relaxing and (somewhat) effective method of detoxing is perfecto. Plus, it’s super affordable.


For all GetKlarity users –

Body Inc Holistic Wellness  is offering their signature Ion Osmosis Foot Detox for a special 1-for-1 promotion at only $58. A great treat for yourself after all the festive feasting and merry-making. Promotions ends on 31 January and you dont wanna miss out, hurry book with GetKlarity now!


Ion Osmosis Detox is available at Body Inc, which is located at 391 Orchard Road #05-20, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872

Appointments/queries can be made via telephone: +65 6333 5656 or email:

This blog post is also featured on the GetKlarity blog. GetKlarity is a beauty and wellness app that allows you to luxuriate in some much-needed ‘me-time’ anytime, anywhere. Discover available appointments at top spas and salons by location, enjoy exclusive promotions, and book seamlessly via Klarity app in real-time.


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