Singapore Blog Awards 2014: My Dior Makeover + Best Beauty Blog (I won!)

Now I’ve been going on and on like some geriatric old bag lady about the Singapore Blog Awards 2014 and trying to scavenge votes from everyone – well, today was the Awards Ceremony at 11am.  I am really, really thankful that Dior very, very kindly sponsored my look for the day. I don’t care if I have to get out of bed by 8.30am on a Saturday – no one turns down a Dior makeover right right? And since this is all about the makeup – warning: This will be a selfie-intensive post 😀


best beauty blog ceremony1


Here I am, obstructing Han as he tries to give me the Hyuna look that I’ve requested (he ‘s the Senior Makeup Artist for Dior and has even won awards! – read more about him in my article here)



best beauty blog ceremony4

best beauty blog ceremony3With just these few items, he transformed me from beautifulbuns to boomdadadaboom-bodacious buns!

best beauty blog ceremony2Ta-dah! I’m all set and ready for the Awards Ceremony!

best beauty blog ceremony5Bustling and hustling my way down meet Jerlene from musicalhouses, who’s also another finalist and super smart

Now I’m not sure if you’re particularly interested in what went on during the ceremony – nothing fancy tbh. Just announcements, people going on stage to receive their certs, and photo taking. I’ll just skip the boring parts and head on to the exciting bits – I WON!


Yay! Although it’s just a 3rd position, I still won something, and I did it playing fair! None of the bartering-votes-with-beauty-products or hampers here – no sirree, I did it with good ole-fashioned badgering on Facebook and haranguing friends non-stop (although I’m pretty sure they hate my by now lolol).

best beauty blog ceremony6

best beauty blog ceremony10

Thanks to every single one  who voted for me – I am not being cliched. I really mean it. Seriously, without you guys, I probably wouldn’t have placed in the top 2. So yes, thank you, thank you, thank you very much!


Here’s also a shoutout to my worthy competitors – Jody, Jerlene, Yvonne and Linda – It’s been great knowing you guys and catching up with you! I’m glad to have met nice bloggers in the blogosphere (you have no idea how many nasty / bitchy ones there are out there!)


Now for those are interested in more details of my #fotd, you may scroll down further – I stirred up a selfie storm at home (since I don’t usually look this well made-up, I had to snap away!)


best beauty blog ceremony8Lots of tight-lining, highlighting the inner corners of the eye, dark gradient eyeshadow and mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Add on bright pink lips and I’m done. That’s it. It’s that simple.


best beauty blog ceremony9


Beauty tip: To get a more glowing finish, dust some pink-toned highlighter over your blusher to create a more radiant glow and also make your cheekbones stand out 😀


Once again, thank you, my dearest readers for supporting and voting for me – I know that no one really likes to allow an app access to their Facebook profiles (neither do I), so I appreciate the effort (especially if you voted for me everyday!)

Thanks to Dior as well for kindly sponsoring my makeup – I was really convinced that since I wasn’t gonna win anything, I had to look freaking fabulous , and I did! Dior does have makeover/makeup sessions available, and they can customise it to any look you want to achieve. Call +65 6636 7323 to make an appointment with Han and the other Dior Backstage Artists or visit their website to find out more. 

Dior Backstage Studio is located at ION Orchard, B2-44/46 (near the MRT tap-out gantry)


16 thoughts on “Singapore Blog Awards 2014: My Dior Makeover + Best Beauty Blog (I won!)

  1. Congrats Dalja! Keep up the good work! Thanks to your blog, i will have a few more must buy items for my upcoming korea trip in Oct. Nice makeover you have. =)

  2. Congratulation Dalja!! You really deserve to win. I like your blog and enjoy reading your (sometimes funny) reviews. You look so beautiful and cute too. Thanks to your recommendation, i can buy the smudgeproof and water-/oilproof eyeliner. Once again thanks and congrats Dalja!!!
    Keep fightiiinnnggg…..!!!!!!!!!

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