Review: Laneige x pushButton Serum Intense Lipstick

I have really random thoughts at times – like when I die, I wanna give people the option of wearing something more than black and white. I want people to wear animal preens too – yes, I love them prints that much. Which is why it should be no surprise that I’m squealing and cooing and aahing over this collaboration between Laneige and pushButton. This Korean fashion is well known for its printception – puppy prints upon animal prints. I LOVE.

Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick hyunaPhoto from pushButton’s Official Instagram page with Hyuna wearing their stuff

Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick gong hyo jinGong Hyo Jin (of Master’s Sun) has also been seen wearing their clothes


Now, they’ve collaborated with Laneige to create this Laneige x pushButton range of products, which I hereby proclaim a must-buy-them-alllllll!


Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (4)

Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (9)

This special collaboration consists of 4 new shades to the Serum Intense range, a multi-use palette as well as a BB cushion


Laneige PushButton Serum Intense LipstickLaneige x pushButton Serum Intense Lipstick – SGD$34 each

Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (1)Isn’t the packaging just the prettiest ever?!


Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (2)3 of the 4 new shades created for this range – I’m missing the Dressy Coral shade :/


Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (3)A close-up of the 3 colours I have – LR01 Funky Pink, P40 Vintage Orchid and P42 Retro Plum


Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (6)Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (7)Now at first glance, you can already see that the actual colours are not as strong as the ones in their photos.


Laneige PushButton Serum Intense Lipstick (8)But hey, they turned out pretty nicely!


I say…

  • The packing is obviously the draw here – no one can ever turn down puppies, and in my world, no one should ever turn down animal prints too 😀
  • Otherwise, it’s your usual lipstick packaging – a click-top lipstick cover and a twist-mechanism to raise the lipstick.
  • There’s no scent to the product.
  • The Serum Intense range of lipsticks are known more for their moisturising qualities – just look at the stark contrast in the “before” and “after” shots. It went from Sahara Desert to Smexy Lip Oasis.
  • LR01 Funky Pink: To be honest, I had really high hopes for this one cos it looks so bright and vibrant. Although the actual colour wasn’t as bright, it still came off as a relatively decent coral pink. I had to apply several layers (3-5) to get the intensity you see the photos above. Once it wears off, you’ll begin to see it seep into the lines of the lips (if your lips are a darker colour than this shade).  Beauty tip: I used Pencil 26 of the Etude House Play 101 Pencils to line my lips – they’re almost the same colour!
  • P40 Vintage Orchid: This one also surprised me, but in a good way. The colour was brighter than it appeared, and is a more glossy version of the K-Secret Cushion Tint in Strawberry Pink. It’s also actually somewhat similar to my YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in shade 49 Tropical Pink, except that it’s about 10% less vibrant.
  • P42 Retro Plum: Now this was the biggest surprise. I’ve never been one to gravitate towards the darker shades of red. I guess it’s a personal preference thing. But the colour was brighter than it appeared, and was a very rich rosy tint of blue-tinged red that’s wearable in the office. The colour payoff was also more intense – I only needed 1-2 shades to get the colour in the photos above. Once it fades, it settles into a rosy red tint. I love! If you want a brighter red, try VDL’s Expert Color Lip Cube in Baby’s Poppies or Esprique’s Bright Lasting Rouge in OR290 or RD490.

Should you get these? Yes? Is there a particular reason besides its awesome packaging? Not really. 😀 But then again, if you’re looking for a really moisturising lip colour and don’t want to lug your lip balm everywhere you go, I say go forth and buy ’em all!



6 thoughts on “Review: Laneige x pushButton Serum Intense Lipstick

  1. Does vintage orchid blend well? I have iope’s violet pink but I looked like being poisoned after I applied it. I love retro plum. It’s so special. Do you know any dupe for retro plum? Not redder or pinker, but really similar, cos they are all out of stock now… 😀

    • Hi Karen, yup it blends well cos it’s rather hydrating and somewhat creamy. I’m also a newfound fan of that colour (even though I usually go for hot pinks and corals). For a dupe of retro plum, perhaps you can try Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in Secret Date Pink (but this will be a richer, more intense version), or Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge RO690 (slightly lighter pink version) – both swatches available on the blog. I also like IOPE’s Color Fit in 21 Fuchsia tint 🙂

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