Best Beauty Blog 2015: Calling for votes please~!

Right, so it’s that time of the year again where I harangue, beg, plea and bugger everyone into tossing a vote my way. Yes I’ve been shortlisted for the Best Beauty Blog awards again.  Before you go “whuttt, again?!”, lemme explain my rationale for joining the Best Beauty Blog again this year.

I know I won 3rd place last year, (yay!), but I am pretty sure I could have placed higher if not for certain vote-buying / vote-bartering antics. Ahem. I shall not name names. It’s kinda like joining a walkathon but some people decided to get a lift and reach the finishing line in a car. Hrmph. Violent stab to the heart in Game of Thrones-style, yo. Now that they’ve implemented rules stating that any vote-buying will not be tolerated, I thought I’d try my luck again this year 😀

Anyhoos, bitter old lady rant aside, here’s my official call for votes pleaseeeee.

You can vote ONCE A DAY. So please vote EVERYDAYYYYY until 6 July. Pretty pretty please?

I wish I had something to give in return – drawing inspiration from certain stunts pulled last year, perhaps I should give a product for everything 10 votes you cast hurhurhur. But to quote the Backstreet Boys, cos my love is all I have to give~ withoutchoo I don’t think I could live~xoxo. But then again, Panasonic / the Singapore Blog Awards will also be giving several lucky voters some prizes too (which means you could actually walk away with a DVD player!

  • You have to use your Facebook account to vote BUT you can restrict it from posting on your account (so no one will ever know muahahah). It’s only given access to your FB account for the duration of this contest as well.
  • It’s open to everyone regardless of location and nationality! (so those of you from overseas, please do toss me a vote too!)
  • It’s easier if you do via your computer.
  • If you’re voting using your smartphone, use your web explorer (safari, chrome etc) to open up a browser, insert the following link, log into your FB and vote from there.

Here’s the vote link:

Remember – you’re allowed a vote a day so pleaseeeee vote everyday! It doesn’t matter what my ranking is at the mo’ – this long-drawn affair ends on 6 July, which means I could be overtaken any time! Please voteeeeee~ I promise to blog even more awesomely from now on -big puppy eyes-

best beauty blog 2015 vote pageThis is what you’ll see if you vote using your smartphone 😀 Vote for me please! (and yes, that uncharacteristically well done-up face is mine) 


best beauty blog finalists combinedThis year’s Top 10 finalists



5 thoughts on “Best Beauty Blog 2015: Calling for votes please~!

      • Yay! thankoos! I read a couple of their blog entries bartering beauty products for votes (i.e. 5 screenshots of their votes in exchange for 1 beauty product). Not sure if there was actual cash involved though. -dubious face-

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