Review: Primera Cleansing Foam Natural Rich

I’m not having much luck with cleansers these days – I had actually started on Arcona’s Purifying White Tea Cleanser, but I disliked the overpowering scent (as well as the lack of a deep cleanse) so much that I didn’t use it more than 3x. I then switched over to this one that I’d hauled back from Korea a few months ago.

Primera Cleansing Foam Natural Rich – KRW20,000



I say…

The Packaging: A chubby squeezy tube that stands rather steadily on the flip-top cap.

The Scent: A mild herbal scent that’s a toned-down version of the Facial Mild Peeling product. It’s pretty decent and doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

The Texture: It’s a creamy cleansing foam that froths up rather easily. Since the lather is not too watery, it actually works well with the Clarisonic.

The Finish: Now I find that it does give a rather decent clean, and the skin is left feeling rather hydrated (aka not stripped dry of its natural oils), and quite soft.

The Verdict: I’m balancing precariously like Humpty Dumpty on the fence for this one – on one hand, it does seem to perform relatively well, if we’re talking about on-the-spot gratification. However, after using this for several weeks, I actually find that my skin is more clogged than it normally would be – this implies that the cleanse isn’t deep enough. I’m also seeing very minor breakouts at clogged-up areas such as the chin, corners of the nose, as well as the hairline and jawline. Since I pile on a cake-load of makeup on a daily basis (cos, you know, I review beauty products), I really do require a cleanser that cleanses thoroughly. This would be good for those who want a milder cleanse, or don’t pile on so much gunk on the face. Personally, I’m just gonna set this aside to give away to someone else – any takers? (there’s about 80% left!) And now, back to the drawing board.. which cleanser should I try next?



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