Review: SeaTree Easy Cushion

So I bought this a couple of months back when I was in Korea – I know, I know, I said I was slightly over the BB cushion phase, but just look at this – the cover is so pretty! And you get to choose, so how could I turn it down?

seatree-easy-cushion-1SeaTree Easy Cushion

Whale hello there 😀



seatree-easy-cushion-4Note the accumulation of product at the bottom? I’d been storing my cushion standing on its side, which resulted in the product “flowing” down.







I say…

The Packaging: The usual BB cushion compact casing. This one is slightly larger than the other brands (in terms of both the puff and the actual compact / refill), so it’s not compatible with any other brand.  I like that the puff sponge has a thicker band across it, cos it gives a more secure hold when you slide your fingers under it.

The Scent: A fruity floral scent that lingers on for a while after application.

The Texture/Finish: Lightweight, easy to spread and blend. The finish is more dewy than matte – at about 70% moist to 30% matte. It doesn’t quite set into the skin – if you accidentally run a finger across your skin, it’ll streak. However, that said, it does give a good medium-level coverage, and medium weartime.

The Verdict: As the owner of oily-combi skin living in a country with disgustingly high humidity, I personally wouldn’t go for this at the moment, only because it streaks and doesn’t quite set. The facial shine – or The Shining, as I like to call it – starts manifesting after about 1-2 hours of wear (and this isn’t even facial oil, cos my oil blotting sheet doesn’t pick up anything). A dab or two of the tissue sheet temporarily helps in taming the shine, but like Arnie Schwarzenegger, it’ll be back soon. That said, if I were to be in a country with a drier climate, I would definitely bring this along cos of its higher moisture levels (which means it won’t get patchy on my dry skin). I like the natural medium-level coverage as well as the medium wear time, and it’s buildable without oxidising. There’s not much oil control in this formula, so I’d call this a hydrating-moist type of BB cushion. I’m on the fence for this one – I’d say it’s worth a try if you’ve got drier skintypes / are in a dry climate. Otherwise, I’ll be sticking to my current favourite, Laneige’s Anti-Aging BB cushion 😀


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