Review/Swatches: Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Peri’s Ink Stick (Bubbles, Blossom)

The weekend is almost upon us! Now most people would love to paint the town red, but with these new babies of mine, I foresee that there will be more things that will be painted red – them lips I tell ya~

peripera-powerpuff-girls-peris-ink-stick-1Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Peri’s Ink Stick Matt, Moist

peripera-powerpuff-girls-rangeA whole range of crime-fighting cuteness! 😀


peripera-powerpuff-girls-peris-ink-stick-3Got these two – one each from Bubbles and Blossom. I didn’t realise that there were actually 2 colours (or I’d have bought all four hurhurhur).


peripera-powerpuff-girls-peris-ink-stick-moist-blossom-coloursPowerpuff Girls x Peri’s Ink Stick Moist comes in 2 shades – #2 Selfie Time and #6 Seizure Eye


peripera-powerpuff-girls-peris-ink-stick-matt-bubbles-coloursPowerpuff Girls x Peri’s Ink Stick Matt comes in 2 shades – #3 Love Hunter and #6 Gorgeous

peripera-powerpuff-girls-peris-ink-stick-2#3 Ink Stick Matt in Love Hunter, and #6 Ink Stick Moist in Seizure Eye



  • #3 Love Hunter: A brighter orange-hued red with a matte finish.
  • #6 Seizure Eye: A richer, deeper blue-toned red with a glossy finish.



I say…

The Packaging: Besides the obvious winner in the form of Bubbles and Blossom on the packaging, I love that this is a slightly unique take on the usual lipstick bullet format. At first glance, it actually looks like a dropper bottle, but bam~ it’s not!

The Scent: A distinct fruity berry fragrance. Me likey!

The Texture/Finish: Naturally, the Moist (Blossom) version is creamier, and has a glossier finish, but I must say that both the Matt and Moist versions glide very easily and smoothly over the lips. They are intensely pigmented – one coat is all you need to achieve a very rich red. The Matt version deserves a shoutout for its finish that isn’t overly drying. Even without applying lip balm / vaseline prior to this lipstick, my lips actually look decent – fine lines are filled in, lips are slightly plumped up. Even after eating and drinking, the lips are still a very rich vibrant red (not even a tint or a stain) – it looks more like average lipstick.

The Verdict: Considering that this is the sister brand of CLIO, it’s no wonder their lip products are so crazily rich in colours. It deserves props for affordability (I think each lippie is about SGD$10 or so). It glides on super smoothly, and doesn’t feather at the edges. (what you see above was applied using just the lipstick, and no brush). What’s more, it’s got a super long weartime – seriously, it just stays on and on and on. Towards about 7 hours after application, it finally begins to wear down, and you see some red-tinted lip flakes (if you’ve got dry lips like mine), but it’s nothing a wipe with a tissue can’t solve. Even if you get the non-Powerpuff Girl version, I daresay it’s a good investment  – the colour is even more intense than CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Lipsticks. Amayzing! P.S. Check out my review on the Inklasting Pink Cushion.



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