Review/Swatches: Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC Care-in-Cushion

Even though I haven’t been able to head over to Korea in the last 6 months, my lust for cushion foundations have been satiated, because of the sudden influx of cushions from western brands! Yay! I’ve already reviewed YSL’s Le Cushion Encre de Peau, and next up, is Biotherm’s cushion. Like you, I’m also somewhat surprised that Biotherm, a brand traditionally known for its skincare and not so much for its makeup (which probably makes up like 5% of its entire product repertoire), has suddenly plonked a cushion foundation on us.

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (1)Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC Care-in-Cushion – S$69

(And guess what? It comes with an extra refill: Case + refill in the case + extra refill)

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion poster

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (3)

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (4)

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (10)Look at dat – it’s brimming with foundation “essence”!

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion colours

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (8)This comes in two shades – Natural Beige and Fair Beige

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (5)

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (6)

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (7)

Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC care in cushion (9)Eyeshadow: Nudestix in Twilight Mascara: Browhaus HD Mascara , Blush: Pony x Memebox Easy Colour Block


I say…

The Packaging: The usual compact casing measuring about 7.5cm across) with the airlock-cum-sponge-holder tray as well as an inbuilt mirror. Now I like that the surface of this casing is flat so that I can stack my cushions on top. The puff applicator is soft and non abrasive.

The Scent: I love the scent! It’s a fragrant that is refreshing and doesn’t set off my sensitive nose. It only stays on for that moment that you’re applying the product, and wafts into nothingness rather quickly. Oh well.

The Texture: The cushion is soaked / almost overflowing with foundation – I must say Biotherm is really generous. It doesn’t literally flow out though, but as you can tell from the pictures above, the moment I peel open the sticker, you can see the amount of foundation is mucho mucho. What’s more, it’s pretty pigmented, so a little goes a long way. It’s lightweight, not sticky and not greasy, and applies easily to the face. It may say “evermoist”, and it actually does feel rather moistfull, so be sure to let it set before applying your blusher/powder or else it’ll streak. Now here’s where it gets good – it may have a glow (about 75 matte: 25 dewiness), but I absolutely love that it settles down into a believable / healthy level of glow (aka it doesn’t look shiny!). It brightens up my overall outlook too! The cushion gives a medium coverage that unfortunately cannot cover my dark eye circles completely, but I guess that’s what concealer is for.

The Verdict: Now you’d be surprised, but I actually really, really like this cushion! In fact, I’d even recommend this over YSL [gasp!]- it brightens, gives good coverage, hydrates the skin (no more dry cheek patches after several hours in office), and is great for touching up cos it helps re-hydrate the skin too. The biggest pro of this cushion is the fact that it somehow manages to get a good balance of the matte-dewy seesaw that many cushions (even some Korean ones) can’t quite grasp. It doesn’t oxidise, but instead melts/disappears off the skin after about 4-6 hours, which is the norm anyway. Because it’s buildable, you don’t have to worry about your makeup getting patchy /cakey after touching up. What’s more, it’s at a more affordable price at S$69 (for a case, refill in the case and an extra refill) – you may not have to activate the refill any time soon considering: 1) it’s brimming with so much foundation, 2) the coverage is good, so you won’t need as much for the whole face. The one downside? Its obvious lack of shades cos it only comes in Fair Beige (Laneige shade 13-21) and Natural Beige (21-23). It may not look like much, but if you’re considering starting off with a western-brand cushion foundation, I would highly recommend this one. It’s suitable for almost all skintypes – I’m a combi-oily and I love it. I can only imagine that those with dry, combi-dry skintypes would also love this. Definitely a must-buy cushion – you can get it from



23 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC Care-in-Cushion

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  2. The pictures look really good, I’m really impressed and may actually try this out! If I may ask, which shade are you using in the pictures?

  3. This is my favourite cushion as well out of all the Asian and western cushion with belif in 2nd.i prefer this to Belif because it is much more moist and hydrating, and has more coverage though it’s very natural looking. Superb!!!

    • IKR? I was so surprised when this Biotherm cushion turn out to be quite a good performer! I’m not big on the Belif one simply cos I need more coverage, but it does indeed give lots of moisture and hydration. 😀

    • hello! Oily skintypes will require those that have higher oil control and no oxidisation, but they’re usually slightly thicker and heavier than others (because it needs to be oil-resistant and not melt away). It also depends on the type of finish you want (matte/dewy/combi), as well as the coverage (high/medium/natural).

      It’s a really wide range of products, but off the top of my head, these are some that stand out.

      Some foundations that I really like (and aren’t that heavy and slightly more matte with a less dewy finish) are Etude House’s Stay Up Foundation and Big Cover Concealer BB.

      For cushions: Givenchy’s Teint Couture Cushion, Biotherm Aquasource Evermoist CC, and Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (the newer version). For a more matte finish, try Laneige Pore Control BB cushion (but it may not work that well if you’ve been in a dry area for a long time and your skin starts getting patchy. The Face Shop’s CC cushion Intense Cover gives rather natural coverage but has a more dewy finish.

  4. I’m not sure that they were ‘generous’ with the amount of foundation, how much ml is there? It seems rather that it’s just leaking out of the sponge, the loaked sponge looks like a kitchen sponge (gross similar to Lancôme one)..
    For some reason wester brands make this porous sponges, everything is leaking out and you get a ton of product, it’s also unhygienic and not well distributed inside…
    The finish does look good, a plus point for bioterm here !!
    From what I see Dior seems to have a good cushion, good sponge ) have you tried it ?

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  6. Thanks for your review!
    I tried the tester at Metro and Robinsons (yeah I tried twice!) last weekend during their sale period and was soooo tempted to buy it. It felt very hydrating, which is what I’m looking for now that my skin is no longer so oily. Sigh, the effects of aging.
    Anyway, I resisted the temptation to buy because there were absolutely no online reviews yet then. I’ve signed up for the trial, hope the cushion works well on me!

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  10. I signed up for the trial too, but went i went to collect the lady told me they had a mistake with the message. there is no cushion for trial only the plankton series.
    And she told me that they are going to rectify it.

  11. I have read your review and rushed to bought it soon afterward (I men like as soon as it’s on shelf in Thailand)! I like it very much but I would like to ask if you use powder after applying the cushion since it’s so hot outside -_-“” T. T

    • hello! I actually don’t apply powder at all..It sits on the skin quite nicely. Before applying the cushion, I used Biotherm’s new HydraBio Gel-Creme as a skin moisturiser, which also helps to “hold” the makeup in place more securely. If you want to apply powder, you can try dusting some loose powder on the T-zone too 🙂

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