Beauty News: Lancome Cushion Compact adds 4 new shades

– note: this is a reproduction of the press release I received and is for sharing / informational purposes only. For my product review, click here! – 

Lancome Cushion Compact introduces 4 new shades!

Now available in 8 shades, with 4 new shades for Asia 


Lancome Cushion Compact 4

Blanc Expert Cushion surpasses all the expectations to become a must have. Lancôme brings the latest revolution in complexion make-up within every woman’s reach: a revolution stemming from Asia.

One of the first western luxury brand to identify this product’s potential, while bringing its own touch.

Fresh and light as a fluid, portable and practical as a compact, unifying and blurring as a BB cream, Blanc Expert Cushion freshens, evens and protects the complexion from UV while procuring a phenomenal sensation of freshness.

Skin is left beautified and hydrated, aglow with velvety-soft radiance, refined as though polished.

Phenomenally easy to apply, it offers a sensation of perfect make-up coupled with a clear and dewy complexion in a matter of seconds.

Any time, any place.

Lancome Cushion Compact 1


Thanks to a unique synergy.

The cushion, fluid and applicator have all been designed synergistically to flawlessly achieve the goal of literally refresh skin.

The moment it comes into contact with the epidermis, a portion of the formula’s water and volatile oils evaporate, reducing the temperature of skin’s surface up to -2.3°C*. The application sensation is astounding.

Beyond freshness, it offers a true moment of well-being. Whereas applying a texture with your fingertips warms the skin, the Blanc Expert Cushion applicator in polyurethane – known for its insulating properties – helps to maintain this sensation of freshness. The combination of the airy cushion, the liquid formula and the fine applicator allows the texture to be applied in a thin layer to help the volatile compounds evaporate. Refreshed, the complexion is revived. Pores are minimised, skin is aglow with radiance.

Lancome Cushion Compact 2


Designed as an eco-responsible object, simply press down with your thumbs to take out the empty box and insert a refill. Incredibly simple, this technique allows you to switch shades with the changing seasons, to enhance each and every nuance of your complexion.


Lancome Cushion Compact new shades

Current Shades: BO-01, O-01, P-01, P-02

 New Shades: 01, 02, 03,04 (Available from mid-July 2015 onwards)

Lancome Cushion Compact retails for SGD$75 (case + refill). Cushion Refile retails for sGD$55.  Check out my full review here



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