Review: Missha M Magic Cushion

Good morning everybardy! Have you voted for me for this year’s Best Beauty Blog yet? No? -horrified face- But heyyy, at least it’s a BB cushion-fied face hurhurhur. (but seriously guys, toss me a vote pretty please? It’s open to everyone from all countries!).

Speaking of BB cushions, they usually come with an extra refill, so the packaging is oftentimes a square box that can be rather bulky and tedious to store. I know I asked for it because I also keep the boxes, but they’re just too pretty for me to say no to. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), this Missha Magic Cushion doesn’t come with an extra refill. Let’s see how it performs and whether I’ll be scrambling to find another refill soon 😀


Missha Magic cushion (1)Missha M Magic Cushion – KRW9,000

(note that I bought this on sale, hence the super duper cheap and irresistible price)

Missha Magic cushion (2)

Missha Magic cushion (3)


Missha Magic cushion (4)a

Missha Magic cushion (5)a

Missha Magic cushion (8)

Missha Magic cushion (9)Now I don’t think it was the way I stored my BB cushions (even when stored upright), cos the other brands such as Laneige, Hera and The History of Whoo didn’t have this abudance of BB essence on the surface. My guess is that this is how it’s dispensed – pretty generous of Missha I suppose?

Missha Magic cushion shades

Missha Magic cushion (11)

Missha Magic cushion (12)

Missha Magic cushion (13)How goes the cheeks? I used Etude House’s Cushion Blushers (reviews to come soon!)



I say…

The Packaging: It comes in the usual compact casing with a flip-out tray that acts as a moisture seal (seriously, you guys shouldn’t be surprised or be expecting anything super spectacular heh). The tried-and-tested formula in terms of this packaging seems to be the go-to default for all brands, including Western brands such as Lancome. The edges of this casing are slightly curved and make for a more comfortable grip. Yes there is an inbuilt mirror. The only difference is that this does not come with a refill (unlike the other brands).

Refill Compatibility: Not compatible / not interchangeable with Hera, Laneige, IOPE, The History of Whoo, Etude House, Innisfree, The Face Shop.

The Scent: It has a rather mild powdery scent.

The Texture/Application: I remember Missha being one of the very first BB creams I got hooked on, because of its high coverage and non-dewy finish, and this doesn’t disappoint. It goes onto the skin feeling “juicy”, and yet settles into a mostly-matte, powdery finish. The dark eye circles are almost completely covered up (yay!) and doesn’t have a high glow factor. The finish is a brightening one, and gives good coverage. It stays on pretty long as well (about 6 hours) before I needed to blot (but because of the powdery finish, the blot sheet often takes away some powder).

Now note that although this goes on well onto most of my face (oily-combi), the parts where there are healing scabs / skin flakes are areas that this BB cushion will not sit well on. It will end up emphasising and drawing unwanted attention to those parts (probably because of its powdery finish). Applying more layers on these dry portions will make it look cakey and patchy zomg -vicious cycle-

Also, try to go easy on the corners of the nose because applying too much will result in the appearance of the powder finish being more obvious – note that I’m not saying it looks cakey/patchy. It just looks more “made-up” and slightly less natural.

The Touch-up:  When you’re touching up, make sure that you spritz on some mist beforehand – this doesn’t sit quite nicely on dried-up skin that’s been in airconditioning for a long time. Areas where there are whiteheads/blackheads/bumpy parts of the skin will tend to be emphasised by this BB cushion too. That said, areas such as the cheekbone area/cheeks are touched up with no issue, and if your face isn’t as oily as mine, you might not even have to touch up for at least 6-8 hours! Oh yeah, and it does not oxidise. Phew.

The Verdict: Overall, I’m pretty happy with this (provided I sufficiently moisturise the night before, have a facial mist on hand, or if I never touch up). The initial application gives a wonderful, gorgeous, radiant and non-dewy finish (maybe about 95% matte with 5% glow), which lasts a decent 5-6 hours on oily-combi skin. It doesn’t feel overly drying or get too patchy too (sorry Hera UV Mist Cushion, you know I’m talking about you), and should be suitable for all skin types. And the best part? The price tag! Total value for moneh. Go get yours (and a facial mist) nao! Alternatively, you can try the Moisture version of this cushion.

Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture (12)




9 thoughts on “Review: Missha M Magic Cushion

  1. I bought the cushion and I love it! The coverage is AMAZING. The best part? It covers my pores really well and it doesn’t sink into them when the foundation slowly disappears! Only thing is that I find the texture a little thick and a small amount goes a lonnggggg way for touchups. It’s ok at controlling oil, but when I become an oil slick – I have to wipe off excess oil before I touch up – if not it look cakey!

  2. Hihi!

    Can I check with you whether do you use any primer or do you have any to recommend? ☺

    You also mentioned it’ll be good to spray a hydrating mist before touching up. Are there any you can recommend? ☺

    Thank you!

    • Hello! My primer is Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher. Some mists I use include Sulwhasoo Hydroaid Mist, any normal spring water mist (like Avene, La Roche Posay, Vichy) and also La Mer The Mist 🙂 you can also try Make Up For Ever’s primers – they have one for almost every skin type!

      • Thank you for the reply!! Appreciate it!! I’ll try and spitz some hydrating mists b4 touching up! It always cakes up when i try to touch up with cushion foundations 😢

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  4. How is this compare to Sulwhasoo perfect cushion? I had tried sulwhasoo one before but it become become cakey and some time left some lines when i sweat… And I dare not use it again unless I will be in aircon rooms the whole day.

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