Review: Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum

I sometimes get asked if I feel jaded/bored after so many years in the industry – “don’t you get tired of all the beauty products?” – NAHHHH. I mean, from a basic point of view, yes, it is technically just another mascara. But hold up now – it’s supposed to bring me more curling/lengthening/voluminising etc. It’s always fun to put it to the test – life is too short to sink into monotony and to give up the excitement of exploring / finding something new. Some people love exploring the beaten track and finding new yummy eateries – I’m just a beauty junkie who likes discovering and rediscovering products with new formulae. Why, it’s kinda like this product, which is an upgraded version of your usual hand cream.


Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum (1)Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum – SGD$22


Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum (2)

Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum (3)

Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum (4)

Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum (5)Under clouded sunlight


Kose Infinity Beauty Hand Serum (6)Under bright sunlight


I say…

The Packaging: It’s a rather chubby tube with a screw-on cap. Cos of the buly/volume of the product, it sits rather steadily without fear of toppling over.

The Texture: It’s a peach-coloured gel that’s rather dense, very much different from the usual lightweight hand creams that I’m used to (Laneige’s Moisture handcream is really lightweight, and even Laneige’s Rich Butter hand cream isn’t as dense/rich as this). That said, it’s not sticky and not greasy – yes it does take a while to be absorbed, so don’t be opening no doors until it sets in. Give it about a minute or so, and it’ll all be absorbed.

The Scent: It smells wonderful! Sort of a floral-fruity combi, and doesn’t irritate the nose too much. It fades after a few minutes though (if you’re smelling from a keyboard-typing distance). If you bring your hand up nearer to your face, you can still get whiffs.

The Aftermath: Firmer skin that doesn’t feel so dry. The website says that it leaves the skin feeling “silky smooth”, but I’m not feeling it much. It’s not greasy or oily though – it just feels more hydrated. As with most hand creams, the effect is almost instantaneous, and my hands feel more refreshed and not so taut. Because of its density (I’m guessing it’s a bitty bit more concentrated in hand care goodness vs normal hand creams), a little bit goes a long way.

The Verdict: I love the smell and how it makes my hands feel – tis’ a slight pity about the absorption time though. If it settled in at a faster rate, I’d totally rate this a must-buy. Otherwise, I’m just gonna rate this a decent, not-too-bad product that is affordable and could probably last you a good 6-9 months or more. Perfect if you’re in your early-30s or are constantly in air-conditioned drying environments.



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