Review: 3CE Creamy Lip Color – #16 Giddy Up

3CE is all the rage these days – I think I first heard about the brand from one of my numerous travels to Korea, and I’ve grown to love them cos they’re highly pigmented (for their lippies) and are essentially an affordable brand. A lil background information here – 3CE stands for 3 Concept Eyes, and is the makeup brand of Style Nanda. It was initially an online store, but gained so much popularity (and made so much money) that they now have physical stores in Seoul and HK. If you’re interested in these, you can check them out at their Hongdae Flagship Store as well as at Lotte Young Plaza at Myeongdong. In fact, I’m even seeing a store (cheesily named A Must Shop (or A Must BUY)) at Singapore’s Far East Plaza with stocks of 3CE.

3CE Creamy Lip Color 16 Giddy Up (1)3CE Creamy Lip Color

3CE Creamy Lip Color 16 Giddy Up poster


3CE Creamy Lip Color 16 Giddy Up (2)In Shade #16 – Giddy Up


3CE Creamy Lip Color 16 Giddy Up (3)

3CE Creamy Lip Color 16 Giddy Up (4)

3CE Creamy Lip Color 16 Giddy Up close upThe actual colour is pretty close to the professional shot – I’m impressed!



I say…

The Packaging: A tall, slim black metallic case (about 8.5cm tall) with a click-on cap and the usual twist-up lipstick. It’s probably insignificant, but I like that it’s usually cool to the touch when I pick it up (particularly useful when I’m fishing around in my overcrowded makeup pouch).

The Scent: None.

The Texture: Creamy and rich with a very very slight (almost unnoticeable) drag on the skin because it’s not as hydrating as some other lippies I have. It still is is moisturising with a medium sheen-gloss with a small tendency to cling to the chapped portions of the lips (check out the corners of the lips). This product has really, really strong colour pigments though – just one coat was enough to get the colour intensity shown on my lips. In fact, it’s the type that you swatch on the back of your hand and it leaves a tint/stain for a few hours after that. When freshly applied, there isn’t any greasy/sticky feeling – it’s your usual level of creaminess.

The Verdict: If you’re looking for a super bright poppy coloured lipstick, 3CE is the brand to head to – this Giddy Up shade is a vibrant eyecatching shade of rich cherry-pink (with a hint of neon fushcia). What’s more, one shade is all you need to get the colour vibrancy. When it fades, it leaves a slight reddish-pink tint. It does leave a stain on my light green tumbler cup though – ah well, whoever said beauty was easy?



10 thoughts on “Review: 3CE Creamy Lip Color – #16 Giddy Up

  1. Loveee 3CE products! I’ve yet to get my hands on their lip products though but this makes me so tempted to! 🙂 The colour is gorgeous and you’re right, it’s so similar to the professional shot!

  2. I just saw a 3ce counter in JB recently. Not too sure whether it’s authentic but the prices are really over the sky….. Still prefer to buy it from Seoul.

  3. It’s so beautifulllllllll.

    Too bad there aren’t shops here in the Philippines with a good selection of items. :(( I’ve come across a few who sell the Lip Pigments.. and there are some who even try to pass the FAKE ones as genuine! Luckily, the shop I bought from at one of the many style/beauty bazaar events had the authentic Lip Pigments.. so I cracked and bought two. XD

    Lovely review as usual, daaaahling! You have #onefaceonly but you really do a great job at reviewing your hoards. ♡

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  5. I bought 2 of their lipsticks and 1 lip lacquer, it is AMAZING. the colours are so vibrant and strong. Now all i ever use in the aritaum honey melting tint and 3CE lippies!

    and everytime you feature a new lip color in your blog or instagram and i go all hearts in my eyes and want them so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (like tis one you are featuring)

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