Review: CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner

Although my wardrobe is predominantly comprised of black outfits (so much that I sometimes need a mini torchlight if I want to search for something), I do try to avoid going down the Morticia Adams road and  colour it up slightly with colourful accessories (gold! bling! preens!), and these days, with bright lippies as well as coloured liners.

Clio Gelpresso Upper Liner (1)

clio4 cli05





Clio Gelpresso Upper Liner (2)Trying out these 3 shades – Pink Stud, Mintade and Peace One Day



Clio Gelpresso Upper Liner (3)

Clio Gelpresso Upper Liner (4)L: One coat [relatively uneven-looking] and R: Trying out both colours on one eye in an attempt to do an ombre thang.



Clio Gelpresso Upper Liner (5)Pink stud – coming out surprisingly nice!


I say…

  •  First of all, don’t be a klutz like me and attempt to sharpen the liner – it’s an automatic one, which mean you twist the end. I have destroyed one very pretty silver Gelpresso eyeliner this way. meh!
  • The Clio Gelpresso Eyeliners (in general) come in a plastic long pencil packaging with a twisty end so that you can raise the liner.
  • At the very same end is also an inbuilt sharpener. Handy, yes.
  • The colour is relatively intense (I applied about 2-3 coats to get the colour intensity).  1 coat will still have some colour pay off though – good if you’re a little wary off having overly bright eyes.
  • It glides on relatively smoothly, but I noted a very slight pulling of the eyelids during application.
  • Beauty tip: Apply an eye primer to ensure smoother application and to minimise the pulling of the skin.
  • It’s an almost completely matte finish, which I’m not fussed about.
  • Beauty tip: If you’re shy about wearing such bright and bold colours, wear your usual black liner and apply it above (vs just applying a full line of mint). Depending on the thickness of your double eyelid, you’ll have to adjust the thickness of each liner.
  • Now I usually shy away from pencil / gel liners cos of my oil lids that will dissolve any pigments and leave a greasy smudgy mess on my lids. However, I’m quite glad to report that the Clio Gelpresso liners didn’t smudge much onto the black, and surprisingly stayed on for a commendable 3-4 hours before melting.
  • They didn’t really smudge much onto my lower lids as well, thankfully.
  • The mint and lilac colours are more summery, fresh and bright colours while I’d say the red is more for days when you’re preparing for a fierce look [or giving a death stare to someone who called you nasty names].
  • Surprisingly, I took to the Pink Stud (red) more than the pastel colour – I’m thinking it’s because of my mostly-black wardrobe.
  • Removal is pretty easy – hold your usual cleansing wipe in place for 10-20 seconds and it should come right off.

Overall, a pretty fun item to try out, especially if you’re looking to step out of your color rut.





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