Review: Lancome Artliner 24H

Since my recent bout of gastroenteritis, I’ve been looking paler than usual, and true to my usually-positive mantra, I’m making the best of this situation by bringing out the coloured makeup pieces 😀


Lancome Artliner1Lancome Artliner 24H


Lancome Artliner colours


Lancome Artliner2A felt-tip applicator


Lancome Artliner3Under clouded sunlight


Lancome Artliner4Under bright sunlight


Lancome Artliner5The rub test


I say…

  • It comes in your usual slim pen-type packaging that has a twist-open cap with an attached applicator.
  • Similar to Laneige Art Play liners, the applicator is a felt tip one, so it can be easier for eyeliner newbies to use (vs brush-type eyeliners).
  • It also means that you shouldn’t stand so close to an open source of wind cos it doesn’t “absorb” or hold much product in it – it’s more of coated on the sides, so it will dry up.
  • You have to shake it well before application, or the colour will come out uneven, kinda watery. There are little silver metal balls inside (kinda like your correction fluid), so shake it good, baybeh!
  • The tip is rigid and yet slightly flexible at the tips so that you can do the wing tips.
  • It’s also pretty soft (in terms of texture), so it doesn’t
  • It dries pretty quickly as long as you don’t apply a giant blob on – just tap off extra product at the edge of the tube.
  • Jade: It’s mostly a metallic sheen and is a beautiful olive shade.
  • Black Diamond: I don’t see any particular diamond-like specks here – it’s an intense black that’s more of a matte finish (unless viewed from an angle). It does not have a metallic sheen like the Jade shade.
  • Amethyst: My absolute favourite at the bunch! It’s a beautifullllllll purple shade with blue sparkles. I loveeeee!
  • These liners last pretty long, and are actually surprisingly oil- and budge-proof. They last for about 4 hours before starting to dissolve. Once that happens, they actually start flaking off in very minuscule bits, so they’re easy to remove (i.e. no raccoon eyes).
  • Beauty tip: If you apply the Amethyst over a black liner, it will enhance the intensity of the purple to an even richer colour.
  • Also remember to close the cap properly, or it can leak out.
  • Beauty tip: Try a pencil liner if you’re not so skilled with liquid liners, such as the CLIO one.


Overall, loving loving the Amethyst shade. As an eyeliner itself, it’s not particularly impressive, but it still suffices and does its job well. Hey, at least it doesn’t smudge and give me panda eyes O.o

P.S: It comes in a wide array of colours, so here are the swatches from another blogger online 🙂



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