Review: Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

I have a huge backlog of product reviews (sorry guys, been crazy busy), so behold the upcoming wave of reviews crashing upon you like crazed tourists during the Christmas festive season. Heh. I’ve actually tried out this Albion product several months ago, but never got to writing a proper review.

Albion Skin Conditioner

(the set pictured above is a special limited edition)

Usual price: SGD$86 (165ml), SGD$147 (330ml)

Fun facts: Launched in 1974, over a million bottles of Albion’s Skin Conditioner is sold yearly, and is the brand’s bestselling product.

The product’s promise: The key ingredient of this product is Job’s Tears, which is said to  restore cellular metabolism to a healthy 28-day cycle, boost the skin’s immunity, help diminish redness, impurities and flaws, and create smooth, beautiful skin that is less prone to the formation of keratin plugs (a cause of skin congestion), pimples and acne.


I say…

The Packaging: A glass frosted bottle with a silver plastic cap, and a pinhole for dispensing the product. It’s pretty fuss-free, and the pinhole is large enough for the liquid to flow out without gushing.

The Scent: I would say it’s not my cuppa tea – it’s slightly too powdery and overpowering for my liking, with a slight whiff of astringent alcohol even (but I might be wrong – ingredient list above for your scrutiny).

The Texture: A very lightweight watery liquid that’s absorbed quickly and easily into the skin.

The Verdict: I was quite sold on the Job’s Tears ingredient, but to be really honest, I didn’t see any amayzing results on my skin. More specifically, I didn’t see any increase in hydration levels of the skin – in fact, I thought my skin felt a little drier. Meh. Thankfully, I didn’t get any outbreaks – it felt just like I was patting scented water on my skin. I finished one bottle, and I don’t think I’ll be restocking it. I’m guessing it doesn’t work on my oily-combi skintype.

Pricing and Availability:  SGD$86 (165ml), SGD$147 (330ml). From ALBION counters at Takashimaya, Metro Centrepoint and Robinsons Raffles City.

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