Review: Laneige Layering Cover Cushion – First review in Singapore!

Ooh mama! Here’s another new cushion that comes fresh from the shores of Kimchi land. Behold, the Layering Cover Cushion from Laneige -cue eyes glazing over in excitement- I’d ordered mine directly from Korea a month ago, but this will be launching in Singapore on 16 March (or sometime in mid-March) is now available instores!

Laneige Layering Cover Cushion – SGD$43

A teardrop-shaped puff that differs from almost all the other brands and its own predecessors.

Plus, it now is segregated into two portions with different materials

Note that the Layering is more yellow/beige toned, whilst the Concealing has a pinkish tone (more visible in real life)

Wearing shade 21

As recommended by Laneige, 4 ways to wear the cushion. Method 4 (Kill Cover) is not feasible simply because the amount of Concealing/concealer is too little. I think you’d run out of Concealer after 5x of full-face application.

I say…

The Packaging: Finallyyyy! An evolution in the traditional BB cushion packaging. Yes it still comes in a compact form, with the tray that function as both an airlock as well as a puff holder. But this time round, it has an additional function – on the reverse side of the tray is the Concealing portion.

  • Concealing Portion: This portion is distinctly more shallow than the main Layering portion – it measures about 2-2.5mm thick.
  • Layering Portion: This portion is the usual, nothing different from other BB cushions/cushion foundations.
  • The Puff: Now I totally understand the rationale behind the teardrop shape – the tapered tip is made for applying the Concealing / concealer, which usually are areas such as the undereye, corners of the nose, blemish coverage. That said, I do find that the seams of the puff can poke your skin if you’re applying in a hurry. Hopefully, the brand will come up with a seamless puff for the next iteration. Also, the fatter lower portion of the puff was made for full/main face application, but because the compact is designed in such a way that the tapered tip has to be put upwards, I find myself having to turn the puff upside down everytime I wanna apply Layering on my face. I know it takes merely an extra second or two, but it’s all about the design aesthetics and consumer friendliness. I’m also not too sold on the velvety material of the Concealing portion – it seems to pick up and retain more product than actually transferring and applying onto my face. Using a finger works much better.

The Scent: I loveeee this scent that’s fruity and floral – honestly, if Laneige were to make their very first fragrance in this scent, I’d be the first in line.

The Texture/Finish:

  • Concealing: I was initially worried about this portion dripping/leaking onto the Layering portion, but the Concealing portion is slightly thicker in consistency (a watered-down creamy concealer), so my concerns were unfounded. The finish is matte, and coverage is definitely higher than Layering. It does have a tinge of pink, which I guess is understandable since this should be used for covering blemishes as well as dark undereye circles.
  • Layering: A distinct cooling sensation when applied to the face, and gives a radiant semi-matte/dewy finish. It’s not too shiny on initial application. Coverage is medium, with a brightened  and natural finish. Oil control is medium, with a need to blot after about 4 hours (even after setting with powder during the initial application). I also had to pat on some of Innisfree’s No Sebum powder to take away the shine every 2 hours or so.

The Verdict: In theory, this was a 9/10 for me – I mean come on, the utilisation of the reverse side of the tray to hold a concealer? I was sooo excited. In practice, I’d say this was more of a 6.5/10. The sides of the puff would poke into the thin skin under the eyes if I applied it with my usual everyday speed (which meant I had to be really gentle and slow it down by half the speed), and the design / shape can be bettered so that the user doesn’t have to keep turning the puff upside down to use it (this ups the possibility of dropping the puff, which by the way isn’t recommended for washing – the brand says to change it instead).

In addition, when I applied the Layering portion on my face, it had a tendency to get slightly shiny every 2-3 hours in Singapore’s humid climate – I daresay it would work much better in a place with a drier climate, such as Korea (where it was manufactured and created), or on drier skintypes (I have combi oily skintype). Plus I attended an event with this cushion on, and I was asked why my skin looked so patchy (which turned out to be the portions with the concealer). She also said that the makeup didn’t look like it was sitting well on the skin. Meh!

That said, I don’t hate it per se – the initial application is gorgeous (brightened and relatively good coverage), it doesn’t oxidise, which is always a plus point, and the Concealing portion does a great job at hiding blemishes and dark eye circles IF you only apply a layer (or 2 at max).

Overall, I guess this would be okay – worth trying out once simply cos it’s a new concept (and especially if you want to travel light, cos this comes with concealer). Just be sure to get your shade matched for both the Layering and Concealing portions (it comes in shades 11, 13, 21, 23, 31, 33, 35 and 37).

This swatch was taken from Laneige’s website BUT I darkened it for a more accurate colour reflection – the original one on the site seemed too bright. Here, you can see the pink tinge of 21’s Concealing.


4 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Layering Cover Cushion – First review in Singapore!

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  3. Thank you very much for an interesting and informative review. recorded the cushion in the wish list 💞💓💗💖💘💝💕

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