Review: Primera Super Sprout Serum

I’m a hardcore fan of Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum, but from time to time, I deviate to other brands just for the purpose of reviewing (and also to secretly hope for a slightly cheaper alternative). Since I’d already decided to invest in Primera’s Miracle Seed Essence, I decided to conveniently toss this into the basket as well, based on the staff’s recommendation.

Primer Super Sprout Serum (1)Primera Super Sprout Serum

Primer Super Sprout Serum (2)

Primer Super Sprout Serum (3)

Primer Super Sprout Serum (4)

Primer Super Sprout Serum (5)

Primer Super Sprout Serum (6)Now I noticed that this serum tends to get slightly “frothy” when you massage it into the skin – it’s not soapy or anything, but there are very slight mini bubbles (?). Anyhoos, they are absorbed into the skin as per usual after a slight massage.

Primer Super Sprout Serum (7)

I say…

The Packaging: A short, stout little bottle with a pump system. It’s relatively stable on its own.

The Scent: A herbal, aromatherapeutic scent.

The Texture: A relatively lightweight gel consistency that is absorbed into the skin (after some very very odd and slight frothing/lathering) and leaves no sticky/greasy residue.

The Verdict: I’ve been using this for several weeks – close to a month perhaps, and unfortunately, I haven’t seen any drastic improvement in my skin. First, I have to say that there’s no adverse reaction (no breakouts, no stinging or itching), but that aside, I thought this would improve my skin. I don’t see much improvement in firmness/radiance (as stated in their website) – in fact, I might actually have noticed the skin getting duller (I sent a selfie to a friend during one of our random night chats, and the first reaction was “eh how come your skin isn’t as white as usual?”). -gasp-. Now I’m not saying that this causes your skin to get duller – I’m just saying that sadly, this doesn’t work for me – to the point that I’m not gonna bother finishing the bottle. I’m switching back to my Sulwhasoo First Care Serum nao~


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