Review / Swatches: MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil – 8 shades

Some things in life never change – relatives perpetually asking if you have a significant other/gotten married/had children, as well as my perennial search and obsession with lip products. MAC’s current repertoire of lippies are super popular and strong in pigmentation, so I was pretty stoked when I heard about their new Velvetease Lip Pencils – swatch alllll the shades!

Mac Velvetease Lip PencilMAC Velvetease Lip Pencil

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil 1a

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil 2

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil 3

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil 4

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Promise me

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Frolic

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Tease mE

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Temper Tantrum

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Lovers Lane

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Reddy to go

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Just My type

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencil Velvet Teen

I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a rather thick (but not fat) pencil with a retractable lippie (via the bottom). It does not come with an attached sharpener, so make sure you’ve got a suitable sharpener, or else you won’t be able to draw your lip outline accurately.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: Surprisingly, this isn’t as pigmented as the usual MAC lipsticks. It’s not as sheer as a lip gloss though – it’s probably in between in terms of colour payoff. It’s a matte texture, so be very sure to apply the lip treatments, balms and scrubs before applying this, or else you’ll end up with the slightly flaky and not-so-pretty finish I got in the photos above, especially for the lighter shades. It’s slightly creamy and smooth and glides onto the lips, but you shouldn’t be expecting those super rich consistencies.

The Verdict: Probably not an item I’d be investing in, only because I have very dry and flaky lips. These will also slightly emphasise on the fine lines of the lips. When faced with choosing between a normal MAC lipstick and this, I’d totally go for the former because it has a richer consistency, more vibrant colours, and doesn’t require the hassle of sharpening. This Lip Pencil will be good for those making their transition to the lipstick world for the first time (and also the lucky ones who have much plumper and moisturised lips). For lipstick pros who want to level up their lippie game, try MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour instead.



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