Beauty News: Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo + Le Duo Vernis Longue Tenue

Ok, somebody needs to stop me from rushing over to Chanel to hurl my moneh at them – these new products look so gorgeous, and more importantly… no, there’s no “more importantly”. It’s Chanel, period.

chanel 2016 Rouge Coco Stylo Message, Le Vernis Rouge Essentiel

For women who don’t want to choose between colour, shine and lip care, CHANEL has created ROUGE COCO STYLO.

chanel ROUGE COCO STYLO 2016 Model Keira KNIGHTLEY, Photographer Mario TESTINO, Lipstick ROUGE COCO STYLO

The hybrid formula of ROUGE COCO STYLO combines the intensity of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss with the melt-away texture, care and comfort of a balm.


Chanel 2016 Rouge Coco Stylo Histoire

As a complement to the signature Hydraboost complex of ROUGE COCO, ROUGE COCO STYLO also contains a high concentration of natural active ingredients (apple-seed extract, plant oils, etc.). Lips are intensely moisturized, nourished and regenerated for a sensation of extreme comfort and shinier colour.

A silk powder active ingredient concentrates the ultra-sensorial texture with softness and lightness. As soon as it is applied, the creamy formula becomes one with the lips for a more glide-on and melt-away application. It smoothes and shapes the lips, enveloping them in vibrant and lasting colour, backed by an instant plumping effect and an impeccable finish.

chanel 2016 Rouge Coco Stylo Conte, Article, Histoire, Roman, Récit, Message, Lettre, Script

A single stroke reveals an ultra-shiny and ultra-defined makeup result, as intense as lipstick. Colours stay bright and luminous without feathering or smudging. Lips are silky, supple and comfortable with an extra-glossy finish.

chanel 2016 Rouge Coco Stylo Conte, Article, Histoire, Roman, Récit, Message, Lettre, Script_1

In one easy step, this lipstick pen accentuates a style and a personality to match every mood and colour. ROUGE COCO STYLO comes in 8 luminous shades, with names linked to the theme of writing.

ROUGE COCO STYLO groupROUGE COCO STYLO comes in 8 luminous shades,* with names linked to the theme of writing.

  • 202 Conte A fresh, tender and delicate pink.
  • 204 Article A bright, luminous coral.
  • 206 Histoire A fresh, vibrant and intense red.
  • 208 Roman A lively, smoldering fuchsia pink.
  • 212 Récit A deep purple.
  • 214 Message A brownish rosewood.
  • 216 Lettre A soft and subtle rosewood.
  • 218 Script A discreet and natural nude. (limited edition)


When it comes to colour and style, LE VERNIS is the benchmark nail polish. The finishing touch of a silhouette to accentuate any look.

In 2016, CHANEL reformulates its cult beauty accessory and pairs it with a GEL COAT for an irreproachable 6-day hold.

LE GEL COAT improves nail polish hold and adds extreme shine. Used with the new LE VERNIS formula, its shaping gel effect enhances the radiant colours of the nail polish with an impeccable finish and irreproachable hold.


chanel 2016 Le Vernis Rouge Essentiel

Together, LE VERNIS and LE GEL COAT form a duo of innovative formulas. They feature an unprecedented technology inspired by semi-permanent nail polish for a long-lasting gel effect without a UV lamp. Containing an oligomer activated by natural light, LE GEL COAT maintains shine and extends nail polish hold for up to 6 days for lacquered nails and an ultra-glossy gel effect. With its new safer formula (styrene free and law in phenol), the nail polish promises improved colour evenness and stability.

LE VERNIS groupA palette of 15 shades with 11 new shades

  • 500 Rouge Essentiel A vibrant red.
  • 504 Organdi A natural beige.
  • 506 Camélia A lively raspberry pink.
  • 508 Shantung A raspberry red.
  • 510 Gitane A bright poppy orange.
  • 512 Mythique A deep burgundy.
  • 514 Roubachka An intense purple.
  • 516 Marinière An intense blue.
  • 518 Chaîne Or A luminous gold, recalling the chains of the quilted bags, inseparable from the spirit of the House.
  • 520 Garçonne A daring verdigris.
  • 522 Monochrome A crystalline gray

LE VERNIS group 24 reformulated cult shades

  • 08 Pirate A flamboyant red.
  • 18 Rouge Noir / Vamp (US) A must-have, described by Mademoiselle as “garnet, like the heart of a black cherry.”
  • 167 Ballerina A subtle pink.
  • 505 Particulière A singular nude.

Available from 4 March 2016 onwards.

Rouge Coco Stylo – S$49 each

Le Gel Coat, Le Vernis – S$39 each



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