Review: Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea Skin-Softening Body Cleanser

A new year calls for a new set of toiletries (yes yes, I know, it sounds like a total rationalisation and complete excuse), but heyyyy, what can I say?  I’m just your everyday beauty junkie 😀 Of course, it’s also about due time that I did a review of this, having excavated this from my ginormous dust-covered beauty stash.

Kiehl's Vetiver & Black Tea Body CleanserKiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea Skin-Softening Body Cleanser 250ml – $33

Kiehl's Vetiver & Black Tea Body Cleanser (1)

Kiehl's Vetiver & Black Tea Body Cleanser (3)

Kiehl's Vetiver & Black Tea Body Cleanser (4)


I say…

  • The Packaging: Well, what you see is what you get – a tall bottle with a cap that you can click down to reveal a hidden opening. Personally, because I don’t shower in slow-mo like sexy leading actresses in movies (aka I prefer to get my shower over and done with, rather than spending a lot of time turning into a giant shrivelled prune. It’ll be a different matter if I had a bathtub!), I prefer unscrewing the entire cap to dispense a larger amount of body cleanser in a shorter amount of time (vs squeezing the bottle and watching it crawl out of the tiny opening at a snail’s pace).
  • The Scent: I LOVE. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why I chose to do a review of this (even though you and I know for a fact that there’s nothing much to rave about for a body cleanser). It has a good mix of citrus, vetiver as well as a hint of black tea (if you sniff keenly enough). It’s a pretty mild, non-invasive and non-overpowering scent. When used in the shower, it’ll result in your bathroom smelling oh-so-awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay long on the skin. (I suppose that’s why there’s a need for layering with the Body Lotion, which I will review soon. Yes, really, I will review it soon.).
  • The Aftermath: It gives a decent foam (and works particularly well with a loofah or bath lily). Even without these exfoliating bath accessories, I found that my skin was significantly softer and smoother (not kidding!) after rinsing. It also doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling too dry or squeaky, but removes the dirt efficiently.

Overall: It is comparatively pricier than your usual drugstore brands (at $33), and at 250ml, should last for a month or slightly less (depending on the frequency of your showers). If you’re looking to start the year on a fresh note (literally), you can consider getting this as a present for yourself.


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