Review: Shara Shara Style Girls Color Liner

These days, I take things quite literally – if I say I’m grumpy, it means I have an urge to kick like a donkey. If I say that I want a twinkle in my eye, short of bedazzling my pupil with swarovski crystals, I’ll just apply glittery makeup stuff so that it reflects into my (eye)balls.

Shara Shara Style Girls Color LinerShara Shara Style Girls Color Liner – KRW6,000


Shara Shara Style Girls Color Liner (1)

Shara Shara Style Girls Color Liner (2)I love Konglish – it’s always so literal and a hoot to read

Shara Shara Style Girls Color Liner (3)

Shara Shara Style Girls Color Liner (4)

Shara Shara Style Girls Color Liner (5)


I say…

  • First of all, I believe every girl, regardless of your makeup style, should own a glitter liner in your makeup collection. You don’t necessarily have to be a guniang (local slang for girly girl) to wear this, cos it will really brighten up your overall look.
  •  That said, there are diffiering types of glitter, in terms of colour and shade.
  • I like this one cos it’s more sparkly diamond-white.
  • It comes in a normal fuss-free tube with an attached liner brush.
  • The brush is thin and soft, and doesn’t poke or pull on my skin.
  • There’s no scent (but then again, I don’t remember encountering any scented eyeliner before hmmm)
  • As compared with Clio’s Glitter Eyeliner (which has a more translucent feel), this one has a more pearly sheen to it and can be a little opaque.
  • Just one layer is enough to get a brightening effect – apply any more, and you’ll look like you’ve got a white line under your eyes (cos of its pearly sheen as well as the reflection of the light}
  • You can also choose to blend it out for a more subtle eyeshadow effect  (on top of any eyeshadow).
  • It stays relatively long, for about 4-5 hours (unless you’re a (eye)ball rubber.
  • As long as you apply it properly (not exactly on the lash line, but slightlyyyy under it at the skin), you will not have any pesky bits falling into your eyes and irritating it.

I’d recommend this for occasions when you’re headed out at night, and the CLIO one for daytime use cos it’s more subtle. Or you know what? You can use this Shara Shara one for times when you wanna be filly fala. or you know, when you wanna bring out your inner girly girl.





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