Event: G Dragon at Fide Fashion Weeks Surrender Fashion Show

Woo! This is totally a Koreanified weekend for me – for regular followers of my blog, you guys should know that I usually take a siesta on weekends, but hey, since I’m a Ko’ho and since I know you guys love  my photos (this is where you grudgingly agree), I’ve decided to post all my paparazzi photos of G Dragon in Singapore and his surprise guest appearance at Fide Fashion Weeks’ Surrender Fashion Show.

G Dragon at Surrender 1GD is all attitude as he poses for the frenzy of photographers swarming around him as he made a surprise appearance at the Surrender fashion show.

G Dragon at Surrender 2GD has quite an array of expressions which I’d love to capture, but he moves way too quickly even for my 12-frame burst shot mode. damn.

G Dragon at Surrender 3

G Dragon at Surrender 4Having a very animated conversation with a VIA – Very Important Ajussi

G Dragon at Surrender 5His face is ridiculously small! Jelly much!

G Dragon at Surrender 6

G Dragon at Surrender 7Perfect flawless complexion.

G Dragon at Surrender 8

G Dragon at Surrender 9GD has such a pretty smile!

G Dragon at Surrender 10

G Dragon at Surrender 11Check out his armswag

G Dragon at Surrender 12His outfit for the day – ripped jeans, black sweater, and lotsa gold swag

G Dragon at Surrender 13The cutest pout everrrrr!

G Dragon at Surrender 14Ahahah, so celebs also do behave like normal people and take photos with their smartphones. They just look wayyy cooler doing it.

G Dragon at Surrender 15

G Dragon at Surrender 16And GD is officially off for the night!


3 thoughts on “Event: G Dragon at Fide Fashion Weeks Surrender Fashion Show

  1. Thanks FIDe for bringing GD here and playing the fans like fools. They direct fans into a fashion show area (maybe cuz the attendance is not good) and ended up messing up the whole queue. After the fashion show we were “forced” to watch without even informing us, they made us move into another area for the showcase which is at the back of the hall, meaning fans who came in later (at the the back of the queue) went into the area first.
    FIDe, you may be professionals in planning fashion shows but you screwed up big time for the planning of showcase. Check out hashtag #fidefwfail on Instagram for more.

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