Review: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick

Anddddd I’m back from the land of ice and  frozen rivers! Didja miss me hurhurhur?

This time round, I didn’t feel that bad about leaving Korea cos of the insanely cold weather. Negative 19 degrees celsius is no joke – I have minor frost bite on my fingers due to my incessant need to take tonnes and tonnes of photos. hah.

In order to warm them up again, it’s back to blogging and beauty reviews. As you can tell from my photo, I have (again) lugged back tonnes of awesome skincare and makeup, so watch out for my reviews 😀

This was something I was frantically banging out before leaving:  It’s less than 12 hours before I board the flight to Korea woot woot! I’m in such a huge dilemma – to bring makeup, or not to bring (and go there and shop till I drop)?

I guess I could panic sometime later, but one thing that I definitely can’t leave out is lip balm. I’m also worried that my lips will turn blue with the cold, so I’m contemplating bringing along some lipsticks so I can add some signs of life to my lips.

macsheensupreme4MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick


macsheensupreme1Aren’t they super pretty?! (I did try to wipe up the mess as best as I could)


I say…

  • These glide on smoothly and have a nice rich glossy sheen that isn’t too oily-looking.
  • They look rich and vibrant here on my hand, but when applied to the lips, they’re actually more gloss than colour – I’d say 65% gloss and 35% colour. Not advisable for use on  very dry chapped lips unless you’ve got lip balm applied beforehand.
  • That said, these are relatively more moisturising than normal lipsticks and last for about 3-4 hours (if you don’t eat).
  • It comes in a glossy slim cylinder that isn’t fingerprint-proof (and get quite difficult to handle if you’ve just moisturised your hands before this).
  • Overall, not a bad product, especially if your lips are slightly on the dry side. Just don’t commit to this purchase with the mindset of getting bright vibrant and rich colours. 😀

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