Review: Sofina iP Base Essence / Dodai Essence

I’m not sure if it’s my recent trip to Tokyo taking over my mind, or if the resurgence of Japanese cosmetics is a real thang, but I’m finding much more motivation (and products) to review Japanese skincare these days. New to Singapore’s shores are Lauduree (the cosmetics, not the macarons), Albion’s makeup line, Astalift’s makeup line as well as Sofina iP. Now this star product of the brand – known as both the Base Essence and Dodai Essence – is said to be able to increase your blood circulation so that absorption of skincare products is enhanced.

Sofina iP Base Essence

The official spiel: SOFINA iP DODAI Essence is a new first step skincare product to be implemented into your daily skincare routine. For over 30 years focusing on studying the skin’s mechanism, Kao has accumulated research on skin science together with the development of new technologies. Kao has applied its advanced carbonic acid technology studies into the invention of this product. It has achieved a highly-concentrated carbonated foam containing approximately 20 million micro-carbonated bubbles per use! The dense and fine textured carbonated bubbles is smaller than the pore, 1/100mm in size. SOFINA iP DODAI Essence has the ability to instantly penetrate the deepest layer beneath the skin and enhance blood circulation. This will effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, achieving a moisturized and firm skin. It also facilitates the easy penetration of toners, which is the subsequent step after applying this product.


After leaving the product on for a few minutes and then wiping it off gently, there’s some redness on the skin. During the media launch, there was a really high-tech microscope thang that showed (in great detail) the increased number of blood cells accumulating in that area – so I guess there is some truth in their claims of “increasing blood flood and circulation”.

I say…

The Packaging: A tall, metallic pressurised container with a pump and a cap.

The Scent: A pretty pleasant floral scent.

The Texture: A rather dense mousse that holds its form until you massage it thoroughly into the skin (i.e. it doesn’t instantly liquify and drip down your face).

The Application: This is supposed to be used as the first step of your skincare regimen (immediately after washing your skin, both every morning & night). Now it’s very important to note that you do not shake the bottle (presumbly because this will result in the bubbles bursting and losing its density).

  • Push down on the pump to dispense foam – recommended amount is approximately 3cm diameter size.
  • Instead of breaking the foam (i.e. squishing them between your palms), use the tips of your fingers to gently place the foam on your face (cheek, forehead, nose, chin)
  • Gently spread over your face and massage the entire face lightly without using too much pressure.

The Verdict: It’s absorbed easily, and leaves no residue. Skin is left feeling refreshed and more hydrated (in the immediate aftermath of application). There’s a general sense of the skin feeling rather awakened (kinda like after every skin cleanse). Now note that even though it’s shown on the skin (of my arm) that there’s a red patch (due to the accumulation of red blood cells), it doesn’t leave my face looking red nor flushed. Keeping my entire skincare regime intact (with only this as the new item), I tried it on the right half of my face for several weeks – I have to admit that I see no discernible difference between the two halves. In fact, I do note several more blemishes appearing after applying this. Perhaps my skin isn’t too suited to this –  the best benefit I can take away from using this is that refreshed, awakened feel. If you’ve experienced more obvious benefits, lemme know!

Price & Availability: Isetan Scotts Level 1.



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