Review: Luminous Gloss treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio

So it’s been a while – I’ve been off Tokyo trippin’ (literally, there’s so much walking I did that I tripped over my own feet several times, and also over my shopping bags heh). Since I wanted to have nice-looking hair before I headed off, I had this Wella SP Liquid Hair Treatment done at 99 Percent Hair Studio (where I’d previously dyed my hair at) – the 10-20% discount for all my readers is still valid if you’re keen 🙂

Anyhoos, what I did was this Wella SP Liquid Hair Treament – according to the salon, it’s a “restructuring hair treatment which repairs, nourishes, and protects fragile hair types”. Containing hydrolysed keratin and essential amino acids, this treatment is said to “penetrate deep into the hair shaft, protect your hair from environmental aggressors and intensely nourish, rebuild keratin bonds within the hair for  healthier, fuller hair”.

Since I’ve got chemically treated hair (dyeing and perming), I was totes up for this. Here’s me right before the treatment – note the hair ends where they’re  dry, and flailing their (split) ends weakly, asking for help hurhurhur.

Now the treatment itself isn’t much. You essentially have your hair washed, the treatment applied and left to set. It’s blown dry (presumably so that the keratin can be sealed and set into your hair strands), following which you have your hair washed again, and voila, you’re done!

And here’s me after the treatment (I also had my hair re-coloured red)

[9 April] Here you can see that the hair ends aren’t as thirsty – more lively.


[21 April]  Whilst I was in Tokyo, the hair still looks relatively shiny without any styling products

Verdict: I’ve never had much tangling issues with my hair, so the results I’m seeing are mostly in terms of appearance – my hair looks shinier, and therefore looks less dry. It’s also worth noting that this does not give you the super shiny sleekness that rebonding gives you (in case any of you were looking for that sort of result) – it’s more of a tamed mane. I also note a slight flatness in the hair in the next few weeks (which I’m not a huge fan of –  as one of my favourite drag queens says, the bigger the hair, the closer to heavensssss yasssgawdmama). I’d probably classify this as an occasional treatment to go for if you’re looking to repair the chemical damage done and restore it to some of its former shiny glory – it’s good me-time for you to relax, and it’s pretty fuss free (except for the portion where you’re not allowed to wash it for at least a day or two after). If you’re keen to try it out, it costs $169. And psst – I’ve got a special 10-20% discount for my readers.

SPECIAL PROMO FOR YOU (and no, I do not get any commission for this)

If you ask for Fion (she’s at Orchard Central), and say that you saw my review (or quote my name, or show this review), you’ll be able to get a 1-year membership for free (usual value: $19) for free! Check out the benefits:

  • A1-year membership entitles you to a 10% off your hair services.
  • If you bring a friend along to also do his/her hair, both of you will get 20% off!

During your birthday month, this gets even better – you’ll get an additional 20% off!

  • This means that you’ll get 10 + 20 = 30% off hair services (if you’re doing it alone).
  • Bring a friend, and both of you will get 20 + 30 = 40% off!

*note that the member discount is value for all services including nails and makeup. Excludes partial services*

99 Percent Hair Studio , Orchard

181 Orchard Road #04-10/11,
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6238 3667
Mondays – Saturdays: 11.00am – 9.00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 11.00am – 9.00pm

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