Review: Pixi Beauty Glow Mud Cleanser

Now after the amayyyyzing experience I had with Pixi Beauty’s star product, the Glow Tonic, I was totally psyched up about the brand and raring to try something else. Since cleansers (to me) are a lower-commitment item, and also because this contained the same glycolic acid ingredient as its glow Tonic, I decided to try out the Glow Mud Cleanser. Lemme soak in the mud like Shrek and emerge as Prince(ss) Charming hurhurhur.

Pixi Beauty Glow Mud Cleanser – SGD$28

The official spiel: The gritty mud formulation cleans deeply and detoxifies the pores, while hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and avocado oil help plump and nourish. The result is a complexion that looks and feels smooth and purified.


I say…

The Packaging: A long, squeezy tube that’s pretty stable. I appreciate the fact that it comes sealed (some products still don’t).

The Scent: A lovely and refreshing citrus scent.

The Texture: A extremely smooth and creamy product that spreads easily on the face. It doesn’t froth/lather up much – it’s kinda like a cleansing cream.

The Verdict:  I was really excited about this product (like an 11/10) based on my previous awesome experience with its Glow Tonic, but I came away feeling more of 7/10. It does leave the skin feeling softer and not stripped/not tight. I also do notice a slightly more radiant complexion. However, I note that this doesn’t give a very thorough cleanse – it’s a pretty mild cleanse that you use for days when you haven’t applied any/very light makeup, or as a perk-me-up cleanser during weekends spent at home. In fact,  I’d call this the second-cleanser – you know, the one you use after the makeup removal oil and the first facial cleanser. It’s not a bad cleanser per se – I guess it just doesn’t suit my skintype (where it’s oily combi, and there’s a lot of built-up gunk, junk and some funk from a long day spent in a humid climate).  Moving on to my next cleanser naoooo.



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