Review: Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

I’ve always been more of a tea person than a coffee drinker (all t, no shade gurl), so I was very excited to try out this new product from Fresh. So far, most of their products have worked pretty well for me, so here goes nothing!

Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence – SGD$108


I say…

The Packaging: A tall study glass bottle with a screw-cap. The hole is appropriately sized – just enough to dispense the product relatively freely (without having to do the ketchup bottle shake).

The Scent: A slightly sweet scent which I attribute to the black tea kombucha ingredient, with a slight whiff of tea. It’s all good – nothing too overwhelming, and dissipates as you apply the product to your face.

The Texture: A lightweight watery liquid – it’s kinda like scented water. It’s absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving no residue. Skin feels hydrated and refreshed after application.

The Verdict: After using this for several weeks, I noticed an improvement in the skin – clearer, slightly smoother, plumper with more bounce, and most significantly, I noticed that my blackheads/whiteheads were getting evicted from the skin more easily (when I squeezed them gently or when I lightly ran my fingernail over the top of the “head”). Woohoo! That said, I do admit the price tag is pretty hefty (as with most Fresh products) – I really do wish they would price down so that more people can try out their products and become newfound fans. I do like the results and how visible they are, so I guess I’ll have to save up for my next bottle once this runs out. This is definitely one of the favourite treatment essences (joining the ranks of luxury Kbeauty brand Su:m37 and its Secret Programming Essence).

Pricing & Availability: SGD$108, at Sephora and Fresh outlets.

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