Review: Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser

I may be a Kbeauty fanatic but it doesn’t mean I’m not open to trying brands from all around the world – especially if they’re from cult beauty brands such as Eve Lom.

Evelom Gel Balm Cleanser – SGD$105

This product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It is good for all skin types—normal, oily, combination, and dry—and is safe for sensitive skin.


I say…

The Texture: A relatively thick gel that spreads easily on the skin without pulling on it.

The Scent: A plethora of herbal scents will emanate from the product – I smell eucalyptus and chamomile among others. It’s definitely different from the usual other floral/citrus/powdery scents. This feels very spa-like. The scent also lingers for a while after you’ve cleansed your skin.

The Application: It applies like a thick gel, and then sort of emulsifies when massaged into damp skin – there’s not a lot of froth nor lather, so it’s more of a massaging balm cleanser.

The Verdict: I love the scent, which conjures up good spa memories. The texture is great too – comfortably coating your skin during the massaging. The cleansing efficacy itself is a slightly different story. Yes it’s definitely very hydrating and soothing – the skin indeed feels much softer and more moisturised after each session. However, I do note that this is more of a lightweight cleanser – even when used as a double cleanser (after an oil makeup remover), I find that the skin isn’t 100% clean. This would be more suitable for days when you have light, or preferably no makeup,  or for ladies with dry skin types, or if you’re going to a country with a dry climate.

Price & Availability: SGD$105, Sephora online and instores.



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