Review/Swatches: Cle De Peau Lipstick – 3 shades

Oopsie. Sorry for the slight hiatus guys – I’ve been crazy busy travelling for work, and also caught up in the Christmas rush. There are just so, so many Christmas launches that I’ve had to double down to style and snap for Instagram, so if you’d like a more regular update on beauty launches, follow me on Instagram (@beautifulbuns_sg).

Anyhoos, since it’s the festive season, it’s time to bring out the big guns – I’m talking about full-face makeup guys. And it’s defo time to break in the good stuff – these Cle De Peau lippies should do the trick.

Cle De Peau Lipstick – SGD$92

Available in 12 shades

Check out that sexay S-shaped tip

Click here to enlarge

I say…

The Packaging: It comes in sleek angular tube that stops it from rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ off surfaces. The cap clicks firmly into place. The key selling point of this revamped and improved lipstick is its bullet tip – there’s now a S-shaped tip so that it adheres closer to your lips during application.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture/Application: Smooth, relatively creamy and goes on well with one swipe. The colour payoff is medium, and it’s relatively hydrating, moisturising and creamy enough to cover most fine lines on the lips whilst giving a finish with some shine/gloss. Note that the lighter shade (3 Hummingbird) doesn’t quite fully cover the natural colour of the lips, whilst the richer/more vibrant shades easily cover.

The Verdict: This is pretty much a luxe, high-end lipstick that’s pricey (SGD$92 per pop, compared with YSL, Dior and Chanel’s SGD40~60). Whilst the S-shaped tip does indeed give a closer and more comfortable application – you don’t have to smoosh the product that close to your lips so that the surface area is completely in contact with the product – the S-shape does wear out eventually, and you’re left with your typical lipstick bullet. It stays on for an average amount of time, but after eating and drinking, it wears out like (again), your typical lipstick. This does not leave a tint/stain on the lips. That said, this is pretty much a luxe lipstick that gives a comfortable finish – probably suited more for those are looking to pamper themselves, or have a favour to call in (ahem, Christmas is coming).




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