Review/Swatches: Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection Starlit Hyper Glitz Lipsticks – all 4 shades

Even since Riri threw us beauty junkies this blessing that was Fenty Beauty (the launch was insane!), I’ve been left wanting more – the initial range had all but one lip product. I was like “wait, whuttt. where the lippies at??” And now I realised that Riri had it all planned – straight off the bat comes this Christmas collection that contains an eyeshadow palette, 2 eyeliners, 4 lip gloss and 4 lipsticks. YAY! (and I hear she’s got a super, super hawt red lip paint/liquid lipstick coming our way very soon!).

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection Starlit Hyper Glitz Lipstick – SGD$28 each

Available in 4 shades

The lipsticks seem to have a cousin in the Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter Collection – similar and complementary shades. Will do a review on the lip gloss range soon!


I say…

The Packaging: Dat holographic finish – me loves. Dat octagaonal packaging that prevents it from rolling everywhere – me loves even more! That said, the glossy finish is a magnet for fingerprints. It’s a slim tube that twists up to reveal the bullet – no frills there.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture/Finish: It’s lightweight and glides on relatively smoothly. There’s some very slight drag cos it’s not the creamiest, and I also attribute this to the presence of the glitter (which isn’t scratchy). You won’t get an opaque finish with one swipe, but it’s buildable into a medium finish. It looks pretty glossy, but that’s actually the reflection of the glitter sparkles in the lipstick, which I deem to be a pretty cool optical illusion.

The Verdict: It’s a pretty fun product – the colour is sparkly and get have a metallic finish at certain angles (and with enough layers). It’s slightly creamy, and brings a slight touch of moisture to your lips – when applied to dry lips, it helps create somewhat lush and plump-looking lips by helping to fill in the fine lines. It isn’t the most hydrating – the lips don’t glide over easy other easily – but it’s not a matte dry finish tho. I’d say it’s a good balance in between. The most wearable colour of the bunch would be Gravity – a pink with cool tinged sparkles, while Supanova is the least “wearable”, in the sense that it’s frosty pale pink. SuperMoon surprised me tho – it seems rather tangerine when swatched on the arm, but turned out to be a nice coral-pink when combined with my natural lip colour. Sci Fly will be for those plum, berry lovers. Overall, a pretty decent first lipstick offering from the brand that’s perfect for the upcoming festive parties.



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