Review: THREE Whisper Gloss for Eyes – 04 Wanderlust Rhythm

I’ve been a loyal fan of Nudestix’s Magnetic Eye colour for a while now. It has amayzing longwear power, which is great for my oillids. However, I do note a pro (or con, if you will) – true to its name, it really stays on your eyelids. However, this means that blending (after it has set) it almost impossible. Add on the fact that it sets relatively quickly, and you’ve more or less got a sticky situation (and I’m not talking about the one from Jersey Shore) where blending is impossible or patchy. Anyhoos, I’ve found a way around that, with this product from THREE, a Japanese cult beauty brand that has just made its way into Singapore 😀

THREE Whisper Gloss for Eyes

In this photo above, you can see how subtle the Whisper Gloss is.




I say…

The Packaging: Deceptively dressed in an angular tube that looks like a lip gloss. It comes with a slightly concaved sponge tip application that helps to scoop up some product for use. You can either: 1) Dab a dot or two onto the back of your hands and use a clean fingertip/brush to pick up some and blend onto the skin, or 2) Dab a dot or two directly onto the desired application area, and blend accordingly.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture/Finish: It’s extremely smooth and lightweight, and when blended, goes from cream to powder with a slight glow. It settles into a velvety smooth finish on the skin, and has a slight pearlesque sheen.

The Verdict: Most Japanese brands aren’t big on strong, vibrant and poppy colours – more natural, wearable, daytime shades – and this plays out well in their favour when it comes to eyeshadows. I love that this shade (Wanderlust Rhythm) is a combination of hazelnut brown and a tinge of pink, so it can help those who’ve been wanting to try that Korean pink-shadow trend ease in. It glides on so, so smoothly, and blends almost effortlessly – like seriously guys, all you need to do is to swirl your fingertip around for a bit, and it all sets so nicely. In terms of wear time, it lasted about 4-6 hours before beginning to crease at the lids, but it was pretty subtle, nothing that a slight dab with a sheet of tissue can’t fix.  This colour (and the range of colours) work well on their own and are also great for blending 😀 Go try one out if you’re in the market for wearable, subtle shades – they’re now available at Tangs, Level 4, at Orchard.



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