Review: For Beloved One Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane Serum

So I realise it’s been a while since I did a serum review – maybe I should hide my face (pun intended hurhurhur). Nah I kid. In my defense, it does take a few weeks at the very least to try out any product and observe its efficacy . See guys, Imma putting my skin to the test for reals. Anyhoos, this does come a bit belated though – I’ve actually finished this anti-ageing serum a few days ago!

For Beloved One Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane Serum – NT$1,800 (approx SGD$81)

Official product description:

Advanced anti-aging serum with groundbreaking Tri-layer Penetration Technology to block aging factors within each layers. Instantaneously reveals smooth, flawless youthful skin! The ultra-firming ingredient Ceramide coupled with precious Squalane provide the skin with nutrients lost with age. Ultimately repair the stratum corneum and smooth fine lines rapidly. Aid with the “Electrical Lifting Technology” – the ionic energy of red tourmaline to promote microcirculations. 360° repair and rejuvenates fatigued aging skin. The Skin appears firm, elastic and plump with ageless youthful glow!



I say…

The Packaging: A slim, small bottle with a cap and a pump dispenser. Each pump dispenses enough for half your face.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: A lightweight mostly-clear, slightly-cloudy gel that’s absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. I love that it leaves no after-feel – it’s not greasy, sticky, nada. The best part is that it actually leaves the skin feeling rather matte-velvety, which makes it the perfect product to use before makeup.

The Verdict: It may not look like much, and it certainly is considerably pricey (about SGD$80 for 30ml), but it definitely works. I tried it on one half of my face for a couple of weeks, and noticed a discernible improvement in my skin – it was firmer, and felt smoother. I wouldn’t say that fine lines disappeared, but I haven’t noticed any new ones appearing – plus, I did get comments from friends that my skin’s texture looks smoother. Another plus poing is that it helped keep my skin hydrated during the day – after stopping usage for just a few days, I’m noticing that my skin is much drier during the day time (and that makeup gets slightly patchy earlier than usual). It’s a great serum to use during the day cos it’s absorbed with nary any residue, and makeup sits perfectly on top of it.  This bottle lasted about a month or so (with a 2x a day usage), so at ~$80, it can be considered a mid-range or slightly higher than that. Overall, a pretty decent product that does a good job of keeping the lines at bay, and also at firming up the skin.




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