Review/Swatches: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder – Antigua, Maui, Santa Barbara

Yoohoo! How was your weekend? I spent it somewhat constructively trying to sort out my makeup, and I realised I’d yet to review these, which I’ve been using for a while already. Well, as they say, let’s share the love.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder

  • Antigua: Darker pink-nude shade
  • Maui: Pink
  • Santa Barbara: Gold-sheened coral-pink



I say…

The Packaging: A standard black compact with an inbuilt mirror. This does not come with an accompanying puff/brush.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: Very finely milled grains that have minimal to no fallout. It’s a medium intensity, so when you’re picking up product with a brush, be sure to go easy – I’ve picked up too much product before and it goes onto the cheeks like a Pikachu’s blush.

The Verdict: Now I know the name sames Illuminating Bronzing powder, but I’ll only agree with the “illuminating” portion – it gives a beautiful radiant glow that’s subtle and believable (nope, still not a fan of strobing simply cos of the climate here). In fact, I’d say these are more of a blusher than bronzer – only Antigua could vaguely pass off as a bronzer/contour if used lightly. That aside, these are some of the nicer blushers I’ve tried. The colour is buildable, the grains are finely milled and very smooth, easy to blend, and last for many hours. (At the moment of writing this review, Maui has been on my cheeks for the last 7 hours, and has only faded ever so slightly). The pan is huge too, so with the medium-intensity pigments, I’m pretty sure one of these could last you 6 months (on daily usage) or even up to a year with more sporadic use. Definitely one to try out – I rotate between Maui and Antigua based on my outfits for the day (psst: Santa Barbara is pretty similar to Nars’ Orgasm).


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