Review/Swatches: Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint – 5 shades

Major SQUEALS – aren’t these the cutest? I mean, Etude House definitely has an impressive track record in creating extremely whimsical, themed and princessy products, but these have certainly outdone a good majority of its portfolio. Presenting – Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints that are shaped like miniature popsicles!

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint – SGD$9.90 each, available in 6 shades

Twist the popiscle stick…

… and voila! You haz the sponge tip applicator!


  • PK004: Nude pink
  • PK005: Rosy light pink
  • OR205: Coral pink
  • RD306: Rich deep cherry red
  • RD307: Bright poppy pink


I say…

The Packaging: Cute enough to make you wanna briefly contemplate (for that split second) licking it. Ahem ahem, I kid. The popsicle-shaped packaging is ultra adorable, and fits very snugly in the palm of your hand at just 7cm.The popsicle stick twists out to unveil the sponge tip applicator, which is soft with a tapered tip to give a relatively accurate outline along the edges of the lips.

The Scent: A wonderful fruit berry scent that actually tastes slightly sweet (just that eensy weensy bit).

The Finish: It may not look intense when swatched on the arms (with that semi sheer finish), but the colour is definitely more distinct and intense when combined with the natural colour of your lips. When freshly applied, it appears to be a lightweight gloss with high shine, but it slowly settles into a natural tint with just a hint of shone. There’s no greasy/sticky/creamy feel on the lips as the colour tints your lips (rather than an external layer of colour).

The Verdict: The tint goes on smoothly and easily (with a cooling and hydrating sensation). It also helps up the moisture levels of the lips ever so slightly (perhaps by 5-10%), and tints the lips with a medium-level intensity that can be built up to a richer colour with more layers. There’s no greasy/sticky afterfeel on the surface of the lips/ If you wipe your lips with a sheet of tissue, there’s only a slight red tint left (it doesn’t leave as obvious a stain as lipsticks), which means you won’t stain cups nor cutlery. The colour tint lasts for several hours, and with normal eating and drinking, it will slowly fade to nothing. Overall, a pretty fun product to have – it’s affordable, it’s cute, it’s handy, it does a pretty good job of tinting the lips, and it doesn’t emphasise dry flakey lips.




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