Review: Hera Black Cushion [MUST TRY!]

Yoohoo~! It’s Friday, and ’tis time to think happy thoughts – and also review happy products! I’d actually bought this a month ago from Korea, and I am sort of kicking myself for waiting this long before using it. Guys, this is THE cushion.

Hera Black Cushion

using Shade 21

Check out my review of Hera’s UV Mist Cushion Long-Stay and UV Mist Cushion here

I say…

The Packaging: A classy black and gold compact casing (that’s strangely remniscent of YSL’s cushion). There are iridiscent gold specks in the black portion of the case, while the latch that opens it is matte (vs the rest of the gold portion that is glossy). That aside, it contains your usual puff, airlock tray that holds the puff and an inbuilt mirror.  The sponge is the first-gen soft types (unlike the new ones launched by Laneige that are a little denser). The case is not compatible with Hera’s UV Mist Cushion, new-gen Laneige BB Cushion, previous-gen Laneige BB cushion (or anything else for that matter).

The Scent: Unlike its cousin the UV Mist Cushion, this doesn’t have any fragrances – it has a somewhat mild scent but nothing that’s really scentsorial.

The Texture/Finish: Guys, this is GOOD. Finally, here is a cushion that gives high coverage, matte finish, creates a bright and radiant finish while covering most enlarged pores and smoothening the surface of the skin. It’s not a full matte finish, but the glow is a good 5-10%, so it means you get that radiance at strategic locations such as your nose bridge and cheeks.

The Verdict:I’ve always had a major beef with Korean cushion foundations being overly glowy/radiant/shiny – which I can’t blame them for, because it was initially created and marketed to Koreans,and that country is as dry as Donald Trump is orange. But this, this, thissss. It gives that beautiful finish that hides most imperfections, including dark eye circles. The finish is a matte that’s not overly drying, and the oil control is surprisingly strong for a cushion-type product – I only needed to blot after about 5 hours or more. This is a pro, but there is a slight con – it can look slightly dry towards the end of the day, so be sure to moisturise your skin thoroughly prior to application (or apply a hydrating primer), especially if you’ve got dry skin. Otherwise, a mist might help slightly (but go easy on it). It doesn’t oxidise nor get cakey, yay! I also love that it holds up well in this hot and humid climate. One thing to note – this is slightly fairer than usual, so I went one shade up from 13 to 21. I’m barely halfway into my first refill, and I’m already planning to get my second cushion already. Hohoho – go get yours naooo.



20 thoughts on “Review: Hera Black Cushion [MUST TRY!]

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  3. Hi! Am getting a friend to buy this for me in Korea, not sure of what to get though! Would appreciate your advice, I am using Hera UV Mist Cushion – N21. Thanks!

    • Hi, I actually did the same thing – I got a friend to help me buy, so the BA there said to go one shade up, as this is fairer than usual. I went from 13 to 21, so perhaps you can try one shade up? Best to ask your friend to help you to swatch and test too as well.

      • Hi Dalja!
        Did you mean shade up or shade down? Does up mean darker? I’m currently using Hera UV Mist Cushion Cover C21. Do you think I better take shade 23 for the Black one? Because somehow with Hera I found if I use the matching shade to my skin tone it will gradually fall a bit flat, whereas going lighter will give me a brighter & better look after a while. Thanks! 🙂

      • Hello! I’m going in terms of number, so get a shade darker than what you’re normally used it. I used to be a 13-21 in between, but I went up to 21 for this, and even this looks nicely brightened up. For Laneige 21, I do note the “unbrightened” and “flat” finish, so I take 13. It’s tough for me to let you know which shade exactly to get, cos it’s best to swatch (my friend who helped me get my very first piece of this Hera Black Cushion was a similar shade to me, and she helped me to swatch and select).

      • Great! I think your I know which number to go for from your descriptions. I also experienced the “flatness” from Laneige too. It’s nice, but less “lively” compared to Hera. Thanks for the explanations, really helps a lot 😊

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    • Laneige Pore Control has a more matte finish and can get slightly patchy/cakey if you spend an extended time in dry interiors (i.e. airconditioned or winter place). It may not be the most suitable for drier skin types too. On the other hand, Hera Black cushion is slightly more hydrating and gives higher coverage without getting cakey/oxidisation, even after an entire day in the office.

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  7. I am using this ever since I read your reviews and love it…am in my forth one now and all my other liquid foundation have been sitting on the shelves since. I recommend this to my friends too. Only downside is the darkest shade, No 25 is not available in Hong Kong but I get friends who goes to Korea to stock them up for me. Great product.

  8. Thank you very much for this awesome blog. Your skin type is the same as mine so your reviews work really well for me. I checked out the Hera black cushion in Seoul last week and it was a game changer for me! It lasts all day when most other bb cushion brands just slide off my face in 3 hours!

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