Review/Swatches: Innisfree Real Fit Velvet Lipstick – all 10 shades

I’ve always been slightly wary of matte-finish lipsticks (even though the current trend is biased towards this finish, rather than shiny glossy finishes)- and it boils down purely to the crappy, or rather, chappy condition of my lips. On good days, my lips don’t lie (nor flake). On bad days, well, let’s just say I don’t have to travel to the Sahara desert to see what happens when things get too dry. Thus, it was with some trepidation that I tried out these new Innisfree matte-finish lippies.

Innisfree Real Fit Velvet Lipstick

Click here to see an enlarged version of my lip swatches 😀

I say..

The Packaging: A rather standard-issue cylindrical tube with a twist-up mechanism that dispenses the lipstick bullet. The cap is a click-on one. It is slightly slimmer than usual at 1.5cm in diameter.

The Scent: Almost none – if you inhale extremely deeply if your life depended on it, you can get a whiff of very slight fruity fragrance but it’s almost not noticeable.

The Texture/Finish: It glides relatively smoothly onto the skin, with a slight buttery-velvety finish. The first coat yields a rather mildly pigmented colour. You’ll need several coats to obtain the colour intensity in my lip/arm swatches. It doesn’t quite cover up the fine lines in the lips, but I’m glad to report that it doesn’t enhance nor draw unwanted attention to them either.

The Verdict: It may not be the smoothest, most pigmented nor creamiest lipstick I’ve tried, but this certainly ranks among the top few matte lippies on my list. It doesn’t have that super-drying effect that can sometimes make your lips look like a raisin, which is always a blessing for someone with dry and chapped lips. I also like its medium-level intensity, which when combined with the neutral colours, can make for a wearable daytime lippie. I do like the variety of colours that encompasses nudes, corals, pinks and plums, and I also note that the brighter shades i.e. #5, #9 etc will leave slight tints on your lips even after they wear off. They last relatively long despite eating and drinking, and because of the slight tints, the fading of the lipstick isn’t that obvious. A pretty decent matte lipstick (with some slight hydration and creaminess) to try if you’re looking to channel that inner Kylie, but don’t wanna go full-on Kardashian (if you want something like that, try Rollover Reaction).



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