Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

Now that I’m in the midst of revamping my beauty storage, I notice that I have an abnormally large amount of masks. Damneeet. My hoarder’s instinct is stronger than expected. Anyhoos, here’s one mask that I won’t be hoarding – simply because I’ve finished using it.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

Retails at Sephora SG for SGD$12.50 per pair

The eye pads and liquid serum are stored in separate chambers.

Press firmly upwards (at the RHS of the chamber) to break the seal.

Push up firmly so that all the serum is transferred over onto the pads


I say…

The Packaging: Each sachet comes with a pair of eye pads along with the serum in a separate chamber, which I deem to be a personification of “extra”. I see no perceivable reason why these two elements need to be separated (it’s not like there are separate portions of the serum that are mixed together and have to be kept apart for freshness prior to usage – unless they were sealed shut in a vacuum or a different type of air?). Anyways, because there was no clear marking, I had to press around the sachet tentatively to try to feel out the weakest barrier – plus, I didn’t want to end up having the sachet burst open in my face, so it was a rather odd moment that was quite unnecessary. Note that I had to use two hands, or press it against a firm surface to get it to break through.  That aside, the two pads are separated by a clear plastic sheet, while the sachet has a perforated edge which is easy to peel open.

The Scent: Signature Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair scent – slightly herbal, but not overbearingly so.

The Application: The pads are not the gel types – perhaps maybe cotton? Anyhoos, they were sufficiently soaked with the serum (with enough left over so that you can pat onto the skin if you like), and so can adhere easily to your skin without doing the slip’n’slide. After about 10-15 mins, they slowly dry up and are easily removed (I don’t let them evaporate and dry completely).

The Verdict: As with the Advanced Night Repair, the packaging is nothing to shout about (most unfortunately, there’s a rather “meh” quality associated with their traditional packagings as compared with the new influx of fanciful and prettier designs from new brands). That aside, this is a prime example of not judging a book (or skincare product) by its cover/packaging. This is GOOD. It left the area under my eye feeling significantly hydrated, refreshed, radiant, with fine lines looking less visible (most probably due to the influx of moisture). As I’ve mentioned before, dark eye circles are caused by a variety of reasons such as lifestyle, food intake, and in my case, a sinus issue which results in poor respiratory circulation, and is therefore tough to combat with surface skincare products. That said, I did realise a slight improvement in the intensity of the dark eye circles – they went from 2am pitch black to about 11pm darkness. The downsides of this product are: a) Rather pricey at SGD$12.50 per pair, b) the very extra hassle of having to break the seal. However, I daresay this is one of my favourite eye masks to use at the moment.


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