Review: Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask

This morning, I happened to chance upon one of those Buzzfeed videos that showed a man somehow managing to squeeze out allll the pus and blackheads at one shot (imagine the amount of pressure he must have inflicted onto his poor skin!), as well as oddly satisfying (and vaguely gross) compilation shots of used pore removal strips (fine, I admit it, I also do scrutinise my pore strips after usage). That aside, I must say that there are more gentle methods of removing blackheads, such as peel-off masks (Kose’s Black Sekkisei mask is a good one), but THIS from Origins? Let’s put it to the test.

Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask – USD$26


An oddly (and rather alarmingly) bronze-copper orange metallic sheen.

Clenching my hand into a fist to tighten it, and when loosened, you have also effectively “loosened” the mask.


I say…

The Packaging: A simple, fuss-free squeezy tube with a click-on flip top cap as well as an opening that dispenses an appropriate amount of product.

The Scent: Ok, here is where I have the biggest issue with the product – the astringent scent is overwhelming. When I applied it (while facing my mirror), I actually choked on the scent (can i say fumes if there’s no fire?) that was wafting out. It was so, so overpowering that I had to complete the rest of the application while facing a wind source (so that it would blow the choking astringent scent away). This also meant that the product was drying as quickly as I was applying it.

The Texture: It is smooth, creamy, and not sticky – it glides easily over the skin without pulling.

The Application: Now even though it has that crazy strong astringent scent, note that it does not tingle/sting the skin. It goes on rather normally, and as it dries, it tightens. It dries pretty quickly (which I might attribute to its alcohol ingredient – will get the ingredient list up asap). Removal is recommended with a smile – so that it crinkles up the mask (which has set into a rather tight/taut fit). Peel it off from the edges (I like to do it bottom up). It does pull on the skin ever so slightly, but not to the extent that I’m going “ouch ouch”.

The Verdict: There were no blackheads harmed in the making of this review – aka, if you’re looking to purge those pesky blackheads, you’ll have to resort to good ole extractions in the facial chamber, or using pore removal strips/Kose’s black peeling mask. It did however, remove surface dead skin cells to unveil smoother and more radiant skin (it might be a little red/splotchy immediately after removal due to the friction). My skin did not react badly to the product otherwise. However, would I use this again? I do have some apprehension based purely on the scent-sations – really guys, I’ve tried on hundreds of beauty products, and rarely have I choked on the scent of a product. It’s kinda like.. doped-up wasabi to the power of the nth. Now if it actually had a more tangible and satisfying payoff (such as removing blackheads), I would probably have endured it.  Mostly meh about this, I am. A much bigger fan of Origins’ other masks, such as their Out Of Trouble Mask (for instant pimple rectification), Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, and even their Body Mask.


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