Review: Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour – Bengali

So there are times in life when you just need to splurge on that “want” item – fineee, I admit I do have perhaps.. a few hundred lippies, but hey, this is THE lipstick to have. Yes, I haz splurged on the most expensive lippie (sorry Tom Ford) – behold, le Louboutin lippie!

Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour – approx US$90

I say…

The Packaging: Luxe, luxurious, ostentatiously loud in gold, with a ribbon so that you can string it around your neck as an accessory (which actually doesn’t make sense, cos the lippie is pretty heavy). The clasp seems pretty firm though – it clicks quite securely into place, so there’s not much worry of the cap falling off if you do decide to wear it as a cleavage direction signal hurhurhur. The body itself is modelled after the iconic Louboutin stiletto heel, with the equally iconic studs being featured on the cap.

The Scent: Not much fragrance here. If you inhale reallllly deeply, you can smell a typical lipstick mild sweet-powdery scent.

The Texture: There’s a variety of finishes to Louboutin’s range of lipsticks – Silky Satin Lip Color, Velvet Matte Lip Color, Voile Sheer Lip Color, among others. I chose Silky Satin Lip Color because my friend helped me buy it from overseas, so I didn’t have the luxury of swatching the texture, and whether it would sit nicely on my dry chapped lips. Silky Satin Lip Color glidessss on smoothly without the need for lip balm beforehand (which is a major godsend to anyone with dry lips. It covers most fine lines, plumps the puckere up and makes the lips feel more hydrated and moisturised.  It doesn’t feel greasy nor sticky.

The Colour Intensity: Impressive enough so that there isn’t a glaring difference between applying one coat or several coats (see swatch photos above). One layer is enough to give you medium-high lip colour, while several layers makes the colour really vibrant and pop that much more. It fades with normal eating and drinking, and doesn’t leave a tint though.

The Verdict: Admittedly, this is an extravagance  (US$90/SGD$120 could get you almost 2-3 Dior/YSL lipsticks, or 2 Chanel lippies, or 1.5 Tom Ford ones), I’m glad to say that at the very least, it feels and looks like a quality product. Its opulent gold packaging is enough to incite “oohs” and “ahhs” from even strangers in the ladies, and it doesn’t feel plasticky/light/cheap. The lipstick itself is highly pigmented and hydrating, so your lips look relatively healthy (not so dry nor flakey), and the colour pops nicely too! Go get yourself one if you’ve got the moolah to spare, an upcoming birthday, or a favour to call in 😀



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