Review: Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo – Leader

Yoohoo~! The Summer season of makeup launches is almost upon us – this one from Hourglass Cosmetics is pretty decent, and already in stores, so you don’t have to twitch in anticipation (well, that’s what I do).

Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo –  SGD$48


Available in a hugeee range of shades from Sephora SG


I say…

The Packaging: A sleek, sexy and sturdy fat crayon that measures 10cm long x 1.7cm thick. The cap is a click-on one, and you extend the lip bullet by rotating the bottom. Now note that while the cap does stay on pretty firmly  (it doesn’t get knocked off even when tossed about in my bag), I realise that when I open it (the jerk-reaction) might result in the cap scraping off some of the lip bullet tip – which should only happen when it’s new, as it protrudes out of the body tube casing. Once you’ve used it sufficiently enough to the extent that the bullet doesn’t protrude, it should be fine.

The Scent: None.

The Texture: Smooth, and glides on easily. Initial pigmentation is medium, but it can be built up into a strong colour with several layers.

The Verdict: Now the brand is generally more well known for its highlighters and ambient powders, but this lippie product performs pretty well. It comes in a nice sexy packaging, has medium-level colour intensity, and can fill in some of the fine lines of the lips. There’s a medium level of gloss which helps create that illusion of lush puckers, and is surprisingly good enough to use on its own on dry lips without having to apply lip balm beforehand. The colour also fades into a slight tint, (which is always a plus point for me), and leaves the lips slightly hydrated (aka not dry and flakey). I’d classify this as a hybrid of a 50% lipstick, 20%  lip gloss, 20% lip tint and 10% lip balm. Pretty decent indeedyyy.



2 thoughts on “Review: Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo – Leader

  1. I don’t think hourglass are capable of making an unattractive product 😍😍 seriously everything they do is just glorious! I also like that this doesn’t leave your lips dry and flaky. I hate when lipstick does that

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