Review: Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush

Many a time, I’ve been accused (rather accurately) of hoarding makeup – I mean, they’re so pretty, how can I bear to use them right right right? No? Ah well, at times, I do give in and (gasp) tarnish the pristine condition of the products, such as this one from Guerlain. If it looked pretty in the pan, it must look pretty on the face – or at least make me look prettier right?

Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush


I say…

The Packaging: A slim, flat, pebble-like compact with an inbuilt mirror. There’s no accompanying brush in the packaging though. It’s a pastel pink exterior with engrave brand logo and name – pretty minimalistic.

The Scent: Signature Guerlain Meteorites fragrance.

The Texture: Finely-milled powder grains that don’t go “poof” into a powder dusty cloud.

The Verdict: As expected, it doesn’t disappoint – the colour is a beautiful natural rosy flush that can be built up (even for makeup noobs). It gives a nice flush to the skin with its pink tones, and there’s a sheer pearlesque shimmer that allows you to subtly highlight the cheekbones (without you even knowing it). There’s also a hint of iridescent sparkles (but very, very little) that bring a touch of light to your cheeks. Overall, it’s definitely something I’ll be using (instead of hoarding) from now on.



One thought on “Review: Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush

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