Review/swatches: Bobbi Brown Longwear Waterproof Liner – 8 shades

It’s no secret that I love my eyeliner – a makeup artist friend of mine once jokingly said “do you wanna extend your eyeliner until it reaches your ears hurhurhur?”. A good idea indeeddyyy. I kid. That aside, eyeliners are so awesome for bringing life to your look, and also changing it up. Depending on the length and style, you can create dolly eyes, sexy eyes, fierce eyes and moreeee. If only the look could stay on for more than half the day in our hot humid weather. Le sigh. When Bobbi Brown came to me and said that these were super long wearing, I had my doubts (naturally), and put them to the test.

Bobbi Brown Longwear Waterproof Liner

I say…

The Packaging: A long, slim, auto pencil that swivels to extend or retract. The cap is a click-on type.

The Texture: Now, this isn’t the smooth and creamy type that glides – yes, it does go on relatively smoothly, but be sure to do some “warming up” of the tip by running it on the back of your hand first (else you’ll find that it can pull on your skin). One coat gives you a medium-pigmentation finish, while multiple coats gives you the intensity you see in my swatches above.

The Verdict: Yassss. It stays. I tried it on during my trip to Portugal, and yay, it survived much of the sightseeing and walking hours. It does smudge / wear out slightly (sometime near the 3-4 hour mark), but it didn’t smudge as much as other gel-type liners (and once it’s smudged, it can be easily removed by some tissue or cotton bud, presumably cos the sebum has broken down the product’s composition. If it’s applied on the back of the hand where sebum is minimal, you’ll find that it doesn’t budge much). The fine tip allows for tight lining and fine-line drawing. That said, don’t extend the tip by too much, cos it’ll break if you apply pressure while drawing – 1-2mm should be fine. Because of the same fine tip, I prefer to use this for fine/tight lining/ under the eyes, instead of the upper lid (but that’s just me and my drama mama eyeliner-loving self). Those who want a more natural /subtle liner can use this for both the top and bottom lids. Overall, yet another good product to come from Bobbi Brown – their colour products have yet to disappoint me thus far.


2 thoughts on “Review/swatches: Bobbi Brown Longwear Waterproof Liner – 8 shades

    • hello! I like the basic, everyday wearable shades, so it’ll have to be the browns (Black Choclolate, Hazy Brown) and the blacks (Blackout, Black Smoke) 🙂 Rich Plum is pretty decent as well~ That said, I would use any of them because they’re darker and richer in tone, so they can match most of my outfits.

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